Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I am sending pictures today in the mail. Please make sure that you get them from Colton. 
My week has been good but very busy.  It was sad. We actually had to drop an investigator because he wasn't progressing and he was trying to fight us the whole time. I will explain more in my letter.  We don't have any new investigators this week but we are going to set the town on fire and get a baptism this month I know it! We will have two new investigators by the end of the week I'm sure.  
I am feeeling a lot better about the Spanish. Of course it's still not perfect but a lot of people are saying that I am doing better than anyone they have seen with my experience, so that makes me feel good. The Lord really is helping me. 
My back is doing alright. It's kind of the same lower back problem that Daddy has sometimes but I saw a doctor and he showed me a bunch of stretches that will help my back heal up and they are working miracles!  They said the pain might be cuz the radiation and stuff and I might be growing a little so my body is being a little stretched out I guess.
And don't worry I am totally fine. We are going to kill it this week.
The names of the Missionaries in my District are: me, Elder Karlinsey, Hermana Diaz, Hermana Nielsen, Hermana Capareda, and Hermana Thompson.  They are all super awesome.  I actually was asked by Hermana Diaz and Capareda to give them a blessing this past week and it was way cool. I love giving people blessings. 
We are planning to watch conference either as a district/zone at the stake center or at an investigators house.
We hardly ever have time to make anything for dinner so I have been just making simple things like pasta and wieners and stuff like that. 
My companion is the designated driver and will be until the end of next week. Then it switches to me for 6 weeks. SUPER NERVOUS! 
My best experience this week was that I got to give a blessing to those two Hermanas that I had talked about previously. I gave them both blessings and it was really cool cuz in the mission, we are counseled to ask who we want to give the blessing by what the spirit says. That being said, before each blessing, we said a prayer and everyone in the room felt that I should give the blessing and I thought it was really cool how we were all in tune with the spirit.  So, I gave Hermana Diaz a blessing and it was SUPER powerful. I wasn't talking at all. I was just moving my mouth and Heavenly Father was just speaking through me. It was amazing and I will never forget it.  Then, the next day, Hermana Capareda asked me for a blessing and I gave her one and the same thing happened. I have never felt so good and close to the spirit before.
Plus, we had district meeting this week and it was super spiritual as well. Normally the District Leader - my companion, just talks about what he is prompted to teach about and we take notes and what not. But this week was different. He turned to me during the meeting and said, "Elder Davis, I have a feeling that you need to say something." It was crazy cuz I did. I talked for a bit and it was really cool cuz it turned into a discussion and I KNOW that the spirit was there strong.  I don't remember exactly what I talked about but I mentioned just our purpose as missionaries and how we are doing well but we should be more excited to get out there and do the work. I also told them how ELder Karlinsey and I pray for every member of our district specifically by name and what not and that we are all here in this specific mission, zone, district, and area for a reason. And we need to work together and what not.
It felt cool to be given the floor for a while cuz I feel so small since I am the young one sometimes. But now I feel like I really have a place and I fit in more. I felt bad though cuz the sisters started crying while I was talking for a bit. It wasn't because I said anything mean though. I guess they just felt the spirit. Cuz I know I did.
I have no idea how long I will be in Poway but I hope it's for a while.
I want you to know that I look forward to hearing from you every Tuesday the same! I love you and hope you have a great week! Until next time.
I love you so much!
Elder Davis

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