Tuesday, October 28, 2014


    May the force be with you! 
Sis. Todd, Elder Agnew, Elder Davis, Elder Strong, Elder Avery

     Mom, It makes me very happy that your birthday package pleased you so much and that you love it as much as you do. I thought you would like those things and it made me very happy that I was able to do more than just send you a "Deeds card."   From the looks of everything, it looks like your week was quite eventful and that you had a lot of fun!  It must have been cool to see the deer and everything! Did you catch a lot of fish?

    Dad, It must have been cool to be there when Uncle Auby and Grandpa killed the deer and to help gut it.  I wanna do that someday. Did you make like Red Dawn and drink the blood?  So I do have to say that I really like the blackout jersey's for Utah and I am blown away that they are doing so well! Maybe it's because I'm unable to watch them at all!  Wish I could say that about the 49ers though.  I might have you send me my 9ers tie to wear while I'm studying on Sundays. It really does make it easier that you give me updates every week though.  That makes it so I don't worry or feel "Homesick for Football" or anything like that.  So definitively don't stop giving sports updates!!!!

    Well not much has happened here in the sunny side of Chula Vista.   Just trying to help the Branch get on it's feet and all that fun stuff.  It's kind of cool though because a lot of less active members that weren't coming to church for a long time have started coming back and it has been super cool to see their bright faces there in the congregation, knowing that we have worked so hard with them over the past little while.  Very Fortunately, Elder Strong and I are both staying and neither of us is getting transferred!!  Heck yes!!!  So I get to finish his training and stay in the area for at least 6 more weeks. 

    We will be moving out of the 4 man apartment though. :( Due to the split and how our area is now.  We live outside of our area so we will be moving to live in our area.  So that will actually be kind of nice. I just don't know if we'll be living with other missionaries anymore.  So we'll see how everything goes. :)

     We did get to see Andres though and his great grandma was there. She is super cool and she told us a lot of stuff that we didn't know.  But a lot that we already know too.  Andres has a baptismal date for the 15th of November.  He is super pumped and everything and he's definitely ready.

    Thanks for your email and for the pics. I am so glad that you appreciated the package I sent home.  I love you with all my heart!!  Have a great week and remember that I love you!   I wish you the best for your week. I love you so much and appreciate all that you do for me.
     Elder Taylor C. Davis


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   Phew! Sounds like you have had quite the crazy week. I guess you could say that our week was pretty cray cray too. But it looks like you had a good time. It was good to see pics of everybody.  It looks like you and pops are both looking pretty skinny!! I hope that Jonah's break goes well and that you enjoy the time you have with him. He needs to stop growing up so dang fast!! I'm going to have to pummel him into the ground again when I get back so he's not so tall! 

    I am not looking forward to having a crapple Ipood anytime soon but at the same time, I am. Apple aside, it will help us out a TON and make things SO much easier.  From what I have heard, we should get them around December. I have also heard that the missionaries that have been out for a while will not have to pay for them since it was introduced way after they started their missions.  So hopefully those rumors are true.

   About my back and my "flare ups", I actually haven't had any problems with either. Of course my back bugs me here and there but not enough to immobilize me like it once did. My stomach/ "shpleeen" has been about the same.  I have a had a couple of days that it has really bothered me but I have always been able to deal with it and still go out and teach. Thanks to the power of God and prayer that is.

    So this week was pretty interesting. Elder Strong and I ended up with a part of the branch that is mostly less active members and a couple really solid members.  That being said, we are super stoked to start this area fresh and add the world! Baptisms for dayz!!! We have already got a few families to come back to church and are trying really hard to get them to church.
     It has been hard saying goodbye to the members and investigators that we used to see a lot though. Especially Francisco, Pam, the Perez family (the family that threw me a birthday party), and even Josh tonight.  But we know that only good things will come from it and that they will progress better than when we saw them.  Saying goodbye to Francisco and the Perez family was really hard. I almost cried both times. But I know that everything is happening for a reason and that it will all turn out. It really becomes hard when you've been in an area for long and grow to love the people so much and then it's time to move on. But all will work out. :)  Not much more to report. Other than we are in a sick branch now and I am pumped to see what happens with everything. I actually worked with the Branch President before in my last area so we are already friends. That definitely helps out a lot. So yeah not too much to report. Just been trying to organize the district's new areas and this week should be sick!
   I am glad that you got your letter and I hope you aren't disappointed with it. There should be something else in the mail for you as well but I don't know if it will make it there before your birthday. P-day was crazy nuts last week and I barely had any time to do anything. But it's okay because I was able to do something. :)
   I am actually loving the new razor!!!!! It's way better than my old razor and I don't think I'll have to charge it for like a month or so.  It sure beats anything I've used before.

   Yeah so these pics were taken with our bishop before the split. It was pretty much our "farewell" for him because he is acutally an english attending member so we won't be able to see him anymore. He is super funny though and we wanted to take a silly pic.

    It has been crazy to see everything fly by so quickly!! Next week we wil find out if I'm being transferred or not. Yeah I know what you're thinking.... Already! Yep. It has already been almost 6 weeks since I started my journey with Elder Strong.  I am not sure what will happen because he still has 6 more weeks of training and I would like to be the one to finish it, but who knows. I have been in this stake for 9 months so anything could happen. I really don't want to change because I love this area and the people so much. Especially Elder Strong. He is a beast!!! But that fact in mind just makes me think that it will be reasons that I am bound to change. But whatevs. I'll go wherever he wants me to go. :)
    Mom, I hope that your birthday goes well this week and that you get your gift soon!!! Thank you for making me into the man/missionary that I am.  :) You definitely have a giant role in everything I am!  Love you!!!

    Thanks for all you do for me Pops. I sure do love you. I hope this weeek is full of fun and love and excitement. I hope you enjoy the temple and that everything goes well with Mom's birthday.


     Elder Taylor C. Davis

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


    Things have been pretty nuts this week!! Our ward was split into two units and I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But even then it has been super spiritual. In fact, Elder Strong and I just got out of a meeting with the mission president on how the new areas are going to be and who will be in the ward, branch and so on.  The split basically cut our area in half but we will inherit parts of a different area. So it will be fun to teach Elder Strong the area again.  It has been crazy busy, but crazy good. 

    I sure do love Elder Strong. He is a really good missionary and his desire to work no matter what just blows my mind. I have no doubt that he is going to make an even more excellent missionary and do great things in this area in the future. I know that a lot of the miracles that we are experiencing are just because of the fact that he is here. I love that kid.

     This week wasn't the best week ever but it turned out pretty good actually.  We were able to meet with Josh and Francisco but that was about it on the investigator front.  Francisco is really loving us and I am super worried for him because he will live outside of our Spanish unit and our area. I really hope he will accept the fact that we won't be able to come see him anymore.  Pam has been struggling with homework so we weren't able to see her but we did have a really good talk with her mom. :) Josh might be able to get a baptismal date tonight. 
     On the positive side, we actually have had a lot of success with less actives this week and they are coming back! We have a super good appointment set with two of them tomorrow. Andres is doing alright. His family is still finishing up getting things running again so we haven't taught him but we did see him yesterday and he is very excited for us to come over tomorrow. :)
    The apartment is going well. We live with two other English missionaries and it is a lot of fun. You'd be surprised at how well we keep it clean with that taken into account.  We are super close and have not heard anything from President though.
     I wanted you to know that I did get my razor but I haven't opened it yet. Thank you so MUCH!!! I will be sure to take care of it so it will last.  I did not however receive the other package/mail. Sister Soffe said it should come in later today so hopefully I can get it before next week.
    Not gonna lie, it sounds really weird to hear you say your are pregnant!  But I am glad that you are so excited.  :) I think you'll be even more excited when I tell you that you are actually " Missionary Pregnant" today! :)  I come home on the 14th, not the 15th! :) 
    My favorite part of my week besides talking to you would have to be sacrament meeting on Sunday. All the newly called men got up and bore their testimonies and it just blew my mind and the room was filled with the spirit. I know those men are called of God.
    As always, I sure do love you and thank you for all that you do for me. Especially how you inspire me every week. I love you and appreciate you.
    Your Son
    Elder Taylor C. Davis

Tuesday, October 7, 2014




    So it was a super good week!!  As you can probably guess, I enjoyed the heck out of conference!  It was really good!  It was so cool to be able to go to each session at the stake center and be able to participate as a missionary.  I think my favorite talk was the talk that President Uchtdorf gave in the Priesthood session.  I think it was titled, "Lord, is it I?"  I really enjoyed it and it taught me a lot.  One thing that I learned from conference was that I can do a better job at making sure that I am doing what is necessary to make sure that I would be able to KNOW that I didn't betray/offend Christ.  I also learned that I could be doing more in my life to make sure I am on track so that the blessings in my patriarchal blessing will come to pass as well.  There are a lot of things that are coming up quick. 
    Something else I really liked was how much everyone praised the Prophet. It taught me that I could do a better job at making sure that I am grateful for him and ALL that he does.  I also learned that I don't give you and Pops enough thanks or credit for all that you have and still do for me.  If it weren't for you I would not be where and not be who I am today.
     So yeah that was conference.  No investigators came so that hurt, because we got a few of them to commit to come.  But it's alright.  They are moving along pretty well.  Josh is meeting with us tonight so hopefully we can get him with a baptismal date again.  We are seeing Francisco on Thursday and we have high hopes for that one as well. We saw Pam on Friday and are going to see her again on Thursday as well.  We think that everyone is starting to progress and we could see some baptisms next month and maybe even this month.  We haven't seen Andres though but we have an appointment with him tomorrow. :)

     Performing those baptisms was really cool, I have to admit.  I was super nervous since it had been so long since I had baptized someone and the last person that I baptized was a little 9 year old girl who weighed nothing.  But the baptisms went perfect and I felt abnormally confident while I was in the font. Guess praying your brains out still helps me a lot.
    I actually did get to see Meet the Mormons last week, for zone conference. It was actually really good.  It was pretty much just a Mormon message on steroids. I highly recommend it though.
    I am glad that you asked if there is something you can do for me because I actually was going to ask for a bit of help.... I was wondering if you could some postage so I can mail a box to you with some stuff?  Could that be possible?  Also I wanted you to know that my Razor bit the dust yesterday.
The little guard that covers the actual blades busted and it started cutting me and then yesterday it just gave up.  I am surprised, because I have always made sure to take good care of it and everything.  I don't want you to have to buy another one though.  I can just use disposables for a bit.  My companion gave me a few that should last quite a while so I think I'll be good.  No need for you to spend more money. :)
    That's pretty much it to report. Except our miracle on Tuesday night!!! We were waiting that night for Josh to show up at the church and a member grabbed us and asked us if we spoke Spanish. We of course said yes and then she introduced us to one of her non-member friends that she had invited to the church for an activity and we taught her and added her right there!! We have another appointment with her tomorrow! So Sick!
     We went to the temple today and it was super good!!!!
     Mom, know that I love you more than anything.  I actually had a dream the other night that you and I were hanging out at the house and it really touched me.  It's comforting to know that even though you're so far away and have been and will be for so long, that Heavenly Father can still let me see your face and enjoy a little time with you and not have it hinder the work.  I really have been blessed in that regard on my mission.  Sometimes I think I should feel bad that I've never been homesick but at the same time I know that it's because I try my best to stay focused.  May the Lord comfort you and help you feel peace like I do.  :)  I love you sweet Momma!
     I can honestly say that I really am enjoying the heck out of my mission and I have loved every second of it.  It has been the funnest thing I have ever done in my life!
     Love your guts and hope this week goes well for you!
     Love you!
     Elder Taylor C. Davis