Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Taylor and his district.
Elder Sherman and Elder Davis in front of the San Diego Temple last week.
Dear Mother,
    I am glad that you got my second letter and that you were not too freaked out.  I got permission to send it after P-day because I wanted you to know so that you would not freak out. But I am glad that you got it and that you are relieved. 
    It has been an interesting few weeks since the accident.  We now are driving a ford fusion until our car is fixed.  Our car got pretty messed up.  But other than that, we are doing great.
    We have been meeting with a lot of English people to talk about the work.  It has been a big process because a lot of the people in the stake that we work in, don't even know that they have Spanish missionaries. To me that is a big problem.  Counselors in the Stake Presidency didn't even know! It has been a rocky few months but we are hoping to change that.
   As for our apartment inspection, a senior couple of missionaries inspected it and they said that Elder Sherman and I would make great husbands someday.  I am glad that we have got it so clean because it wasn't really take care before now. Plus, the spirit does not dwell in unholy tabernacles.

    As for the package, I know that it is there but I have not received it yet.  It came in just after the zone leaders had picked up mail.  But I am sure that everything will be fine in there.  I cannot really think of anything to have you send. I feel bad that you spend money to send things.  Okay they don't make me feel bad. I just don't want it to be a problem. I always enjoy the packages :) Do you know how much a new pair of temple socks would be? Or some White Shirt/sock stays?  They attach to your shirt and your socks.  They keep your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up. I think you can get them at Mens Warehouse. I am going there in a couple hours so I will let you know next week if I find them or not.  The thing I would like more than anything is one of those Folding things that Sheldon uses on big bang theory. That would be sooo awesome!!   (I totally went online and bought one for him after getting this email.)
   I have been thinking about sending my scriptures home though. I just need to get a compact version of the Bible and then that is what I will be doing. Well Maybe. I have not decided yet.  I have been thinking about sending my scriptures home though. I just need to get a compact version of the Bible and then that is what I will be doing. Well Maybe. I have not decided yet. 
   As for the temple last week, it was AMAZING!!! I just love going there and being able to feel of the spirit and feel so close to our Heavenly Father.
   As for J****, we have not seen her this week. She is really hard to get an appointment with  now. 
   I love you dearly and am grateful for all you do.  Mother, I love you with all my heart and I proud to call myself your son.  You are more of an example to me than you could ever imagine. I hope you know that.  I love you so darn much!!!!!!
   Elder Davis
    It truly is crazy to know that I have been on my mission for 6 months already!! And by the end of this transfer, I will have spent 6 months in Poway!! Crazy!! You are right abut the half time show.  Super Lame!  I hope you know that I did laugh at your humor.  I enjoy and miss your humor.  I apologize that it is so hard for you with the communication aspect.  It is hard for me too but I know that it is for our own good.  It helps me stay a little more focused on the work. Plus, it makes it that much more exciting every time I email!
   Things are going great over here.  I feel great and have not had any health problems from the accident. My back is holding up like a champ. Yes, I do have a little pain sometimes but not even close to what it was. I am doing great!
   So the L*** that I talked about is indeed the same L*** that we mentioned before.  We actually had a lesson with her yesterday and have another one planned for tomorrow.  As for I*****, we met with him last night as well and that went pretty well.  J**** has not really had any progress but we are still working very hard.

 Transfer day is coming up soon.  Transfers are going to be just after valentines day.  So about 3 weeks.  It will be interesting to see if I end up staying here for 6 more weeks or not.  Missionaries always say that they can feel it when they are going to leave but I just don't feel anything yet.  I sure do love this area though. Like you said, it will be very hard to leave these people but I know that I will be where the Lord needs me
  Pops, I want you to know of my love for me. It makes me so happy to read your emails every week. I love how you express your true feelings and how close we have come to each other in the last 6 months. Your struggles are my struggles. I miss you like you could not imagine. But if there is anything that I have learned on my mission, it is that the Lord needs me and this is what I NEED to be doing right now.  I know that you know that as well.  I have grown so much in the last 6 months. I was looking at my journal entries from the beginning of my mission and even I can see the change.  I have you and my sweet Mother to thank for that.
  Pops, I love you so darn much!! I am so grateful for all that you do!! I hope that you have a great week!!
  Elder Davis

Thursday, January 23, 2014


We wanted to send Taylor a special package celebrating his Bump Day.  Six months under his belt!!! He has mentioned missing the snow a few times (but says he only misses it a little bit.)
So we decided to elaborate on that and also a few things we miss about having him around. Here is what we came up with!
We layered everything in the box and placed this on top.
 Some of his goodies.

We tried to make our selections meaningful, but light and funny so he wouldn't miss home.  Here's what we came up with!

Toothpaste  - We miss your smile!
Harmonica - We miss the music you always had playing!  (Taylor always had to have music on!)
Popcorn - We miss the smell of you making popcorn!  (The kids was ALWAYS making popcorn.)
Sour Patch Kids - I miss you teasing me!     - Jonah
Blueberry Muffin Mix - We miss your "homemade" muffins.  (T loved to make Blueberry Muffins.)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - We even miss your candy wrappers!  (His favorite treat.  Can't tell you how many wrappers we found when we cleaned out his room.)
Mini Marshmallows, Cotton Balls, Yarn, Cups and Straws- I miss playing games with you!  -Shannon
Stuffed Animal with Big Long Arms - We miss your big hugs!  (Taylor is a hugger!)
Monkey Love Refrigerator Magnet- I miss all the ways you showed me you love me! -Mom
Small Nerf Football - I miss playing sports with you! -Colton
Zombie Sponge Head - I miss playing Zombies with you - Dad
A dozen homemade snowflakes to hang up in his apartment.
Hot Cocoa to go with the poem
Homemade Cookies
A bag of Snowman Crunch for both he and Elder Sherman.

This poem was at the bottom of the box, underneath all of the other items


Bump Day means six months have gone,
Some have been short and some very long,
The road has been “Bumpy”, but you have trudged on.
You've worked very hard, "You're where you belong".

This poem says it perfectly.  Short and sweet. 

Over the past 6 months I have experienced such a range of emotions.  There have been many days that I felt my heart would literally break from missing my son so much.  There have been days when my heart has nearly burst with pride in the things that he is doing and the way he is growing.  There has not been ONE day that I have not known, without a shadow of a doubt, that Taylor is where he should be.  He IS where he belongs.  He is about our Father's business. 

                                                                                          -Taylor's Mom

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Taylor kept asking everyone if we had received his "second" letter this week.  We hadn't and weren't clear why he was so worried about it.  Later this evening when we checked the mail the letter was there.  Here is why he was wondering if we had received it!

Dear Family,

   So ... Tuesday was a crazy Tuesday!  Shortly after I had finished writing you, we were on our way to the stake center for a P-day activity.  We were almost there and closing in on the second to last turn to get to the stake center.  We were in the left lane traveling about 40mph when suddenly a black Lexus turns from the right lane shortly ahead of us.  As you can imagine, this all happened too fast.  We were able to slow down and move over a little bit, but unfortunately it was not enough.  We were broad sided by this $30,000 or more car, when we would have been seconds away from our destination.  I was the Elder that got the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat, closest to where our little Toyota Corolla was hit.

   Now this is where the protection of God our Heavenly Father comes into the story ...
Blessing #1: We were able to slow down and turn so that the intensity of the collision was reduced.  Blessing #2: No one else was involved in the accident.
Blessing number 3: The Lexus hit our car in the front quarter panel and no where else. 
Blessing #4: The way the crash happened instantly caused our tire to pop, forcing us to stop and not keep going into traffic.
Blessing #5: No one was hurt.  I can assure that I do not have a scratch, bruise, soar or anything on my body.  I am healthy as ever so please don't worry at all.  The Lord protected us. 
Blessing #6: We were able to get all the paper-work filled out quickly and still were able to go to the activity.
Blessing #7: Because of some amazing sisters in our zone that have a very small area that they can walk in vs. driving, we were able to use their car to cover our appointments.

I only listed 7 blessings because 7 is the symbol of exactness and this is the perfect situation of that. :)

 I know that God was watching over us and I know that the crash wouldn't have gone the way it did if he wasn't.  Once again I assure you that I am completely fine.  I love you all and I look forward to writing you on Tuesday.

He even included a diagram.  Now I just need to teach him to lead with....I got in accident, but I am totally fine!



Dear Mother,
    I am very pleased to hear that your week went so well and that you like my letter? Have you received the other one that I sent?  Anyways, it sounds like you sure have had a fun week and that makes me very happy to hear. 

    I am glad that you got to spend some time with (little/not so little anymore) Ari.  I actually received a letter from her today. So cute! I love her to death. 
    Ok, so this week has been pretty great so far.  We did a lot of service. AND....... wait for it........... we went to the Temple!!! Holy crap was it like the most awesome Temple day ever. Well almost.  But I did feel the spirit SUPER strong and I felt that Nana was there with me.  I really do feel like she is an angel that is specifically assigned to watch over our family. She has such a sweet spirit.  So I guess that answers your question about when I get to go the Temple.... haha. 
   Glad that it appears that I am taking good care of myself and my clothes because I really am trying to take care of everything and make it last.  The hamper has actually been a blessing and I am very grateful for it, so thank you for always knowing what I need. 
   Elder Sherman always does the dishes and keeps the kitchen clean.  You would be so proud of me... We had inspections the other week and I cleaned all the walls...with bleach and everything. The apartment looked so prime.

   Sad to hear that my boys lost but I am glad that the Cheatriots are not in the super-bowl to say the least.

   Sad to hear that Eric might be moving but I am glad to hear that Aunt Katherine is doing okay.  I put her name in the temple today. What ever happened with the Blazer? Just curious.

   SO cool that Andrew is going to Mexico for his mission!!!! Please tell him how excited I am for him and that he is still one of my best friends.
   Momma, I freakin' love you to the moon and back.... A million times!  That is so awesome about the experience that you had at the temple. Thanks for sharing with me. It really touched me. You are such a special and amazing person I hope you know that!! You are my hero!!
   I love you so much and hope that this week is even better than the last.
   Elder Davis

Dear Papacito,
    I cannot believe that I am going to hit my six month mark this week!! And what a blessing to have spent it all in the same area.  I have really grown to love Poway and the peeps that reside in it's boundaries. I feel pretty strongly that I will be leaving at our next transfers, but who knows. I have really grown and learned a lot here.  I have also made a lot of friends that made me promise that I will come back and chill with them.

    As for our investigators, not much has changed. We just have J****, I*****, and L***.  We are having a lot more success with the members and less actives though, so that has been very cool.  We also got a Branch Mission leader and that is going to change the way things work by a TON! He is so awesome and this branch is going to grow.  I just know it. Some day, it will be a ward. How exciting that sounds coming out of my mouth/head!

    I am glad to hear that everyone enjoyed my letter and photo. I hope that you got my second letter and that everyone isn't totally freaked out. But I can assure you that I am perfectly fine.

   You are such a powerhouse Dad! You amaze me with something new every week.  How proud I am to call you my father.  It also makes me happy to hear that you still have the opportunity to teach the Randall's and the Higbee's.  Please give them my love and tell them how awesome they truly are.

   Congrats on the trip that's coming up!!! That is so awesome. I know how much you love to travel and what a cool thing it will be to see the promises in your patriarchal blessing fulfilled someday. 

   It makes me happy as well that you all got to enjoy Ari so much.  Your experience that you have shared reminds me of how I feel sometimes.  I am getting a little scared because I am really starting to look forward to the day when I have my own children.  Whoa, I guess I am finally growing up.  I also REALLY look forward to searching for my eternal companion.  But don't worry, I am keeping myself focused on what is truly important at this time of my life and that is nothing more than this great work that I am able to do.

   It is disappointing to hear that my boys lost to the Seahawks but I am VERY happy that Cheatriots are not in the super-bowl.  Plus, I gotta say, it was a nice touch ending with the UTES UPDATE! I am very proud of my soon to be fellow classmates.
   Pops, I want you to know that I love you and really enjoy your letters. I hope you have a BOSS week!

   Elder Davis

Friday, January 17, 2014


    What up!  This week has been alright, we visited a lots of members and less actives.  We also visited J****.  She is one of our only investigators.  But we did have a pretty good lesson with her yesterday.  We read the Testimony of Joseph Smith together and it was pretty cool.  I shared my testimony of how Joseph was a true prophet and I think it went alright.  We asked some pretty deep questions that I know didn’t come from us. 

     Our area is really slow right now But I am not going to give up on it.  Something is going to happen with this area soon.  I don’t know what it is or how soon, but I know.
     I haven’t really had any super strong impressions lately.  Mostly just small ones.  The other night was pretty cool though.  We went to go see a member family that never cancels on us.  But, when we got there, they were super sick and I had the impression that it would be better if we came by another time.  That was weird we thought.  But, as soon as we got in the car, the phone rang.  It was the sisters asking if we could come give one their investigators a blessing.  What if we would have gone in anyway?  We would have missed the opportunity! 

      I really love the great opportunity I have to hold the priesthood of God to help other people.  It has made me a lot closer to God and Jesus Christ.  How great it is that I have the authority to posses the same priesthood that Jesus Christ himself used to bless, heal, and even raise people from the dead.  I am so lucky and grateful.
      Oh, back to your questions … about Elder Sherman?  He is just a very interesting guy.  He is super different than me.  We are totally different people.  But somehow, we’re united when we teach.  It’s pretty cool.  Insight that I didn’t know before would probably be object lessons.  He knows a lot of cool ones and we have made a couple of our own.  He doesn’t enjoy working out very much but we do it anyway.  He’s pretty athletic.  More than expected.  For workouts we usually play sports in the mornings or do insanity.  We don’t have a regular schedule or anything.
     I love you so much!
     Elder Davis


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Dear Dearest Mother,
     Thank you for your powerfully spiritual, yet thoughtful email.  I am doing great this week. Things are still a little slow here but we are seeing the Hand of the Lord - a lot!  Guess what!!?!?!? We had a baptism a little over a week ago!!!! It wasn't a convert baptism but that doesn't matter to me.  I will send a pic with my letter this week. 
     It was truly a blessing from the Lord that we were able to have a baptism.  It was for a little 8 year old girl named Stephania.  The bishop of her ward asked us to teach her a couple things so that she could get baptized.  Of course we delighted in the opportunity and went to work.  She asked me to perform the Baptism and Elder Sherman to perform the Confirmation.  It was so neat!!  The Baptism was AMAZING!! All the feelings of my own baptism came flooding back to memory, it was great!!!
    We have been working so hard these few months and I had been praying that something big would happen for our area. It was almost like the Lord said, "Alright, I can tell you are working hard and that you really want a baptism so I'm going to throw you a bone." What a blessing!!!
    Things with J*** are alright. We had a pretty good lesson with her but we still can't get her to come to church or to pray.  I know that the Gospel is changing her a lot though.  We have actually dropped a lot of our investigators recently and that has been very sad but we are being blessed for never giving up. We have seen some really cool things happen as a result as well.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. You are such a spiritual Giant!! It amazes me how you strive to serve others so much and how diligent you are in the spirit.  I know that you were truly working through the Lord when you performed that act of service for ****. You are such a boss!! I always can look up to you for an example.  I know that YOU are a HUGE part of my growth and hard work.  I thank you for your example and I am truly grateful to have such an amazing mother!!!
     Oh, yes I did get the Randall's letter and they should be getting my thank you note this week.
Could you send me Aunt Leslie's email and Kolby and Brother Griffiths' address so I can send them a letter? 
      I love you so much Mom!! You are the Coolest!!  The homemade treats were DELICIOUS!!! The Oreos were perfect and everything was amazing.  Thank you for everything Momma!! You are the best. I gotta go, but I hope your week is full of laughs, smiles, fun, and most importantly... the spirit!
I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!
     Elder Davis
     Things are good here in good ole sunny San Diego.  It has been a good week for the most part.  Our investigators have been dropping like flies though.  We as of now, have J**** and a dude named I*****. It has been tough to lose so many people that we were teaching but I know that it is for a reason and that the Lord is working through us.  Something is going to happen with this area real soon I can just feel it!! I just don't know if I will be a part of it. 
     I have been here for my whole mission and I am pretty sure that my time to move is almost here.  But that doesn't mean I am going to quit. NOOO SIRR!  I am going to put all I've got into this area and then some.  I have really been working on trying to be more positive and it has really helped.
     Mom shared something with me that really hit me hard.  President Joseph F. Smith did not have ONE baptism on his mission and he still loved it.  I know that baptisms are important yes, but they do not show whether you are working hard or having fun or not.  My mission has been so much fun so far and I am grateful that I still have about 18 months to continue to serve the Lord and do this great work!!
     Awesome that you get to teach all those little spiritual kids!! I am sure that your hands will be more than full.  It will be a lot of fun for you to see them advance as well. I remember when big ole Braxton was only 7 years old and how I used to babysit them all the time. 
     Our ward is growing so big and is going to be HUGE soon.  I bet it is nice to have so many deacons now, huh?   How is your home teaching going with the newish companion? Do you still have the same families to teach? Just wondering.
     Well Pops, You sure are super awesome!! I can't express the joy and spirit that comes when I read what you have to say. You are such a powerhouse.
     Glad to hear that my boys are doing so well. Super-Bowl bound yet again baby!! Hope this time they don't have to play the Cheatriots as well. Those fools do not belong in the championship.  Also glad to hear that Utes are doing alright too. It seems like they are doing way better this year than they have in a while.  In both sports!! 
     Pops, I want you to know that I stinking love you! Thank you for all you do for me and I hope this week is great for you!! Especially with the traveling!!! It makes me happy that you enjoy your new position so much. You Deserve it!!
     Elder Davis

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


    So it turns out that I am not getting transferred and our area is going to live for another 6 weeks.  It turns out that nothing is changing at all this transfer!! Elder Sherman and I are staying in our area, it's not getting shut down and we are only having one change to the entire district. I am somewhat relieved that this is happening.  I was a little too worried that everything was going to change. I am glad that I don't have to try and pack everything today either.  I am sorry to worry everyone with my letter.  I guess what I was trying to say wasn't really the message that was received... oh well.  I was trying to say all that I have learned and what not. I really appreciate all the prayers and I love you so much. 
    Thank you for the comforting words and for the reassurance that you gave me in your email.  I have new mindset this transfer and especially this year.  Elder Sherman and I are going to teach this area so hardcore that they are going to have to open up a whole new branch because of all the people.
     I am going to get my camera back today.  Nothing has happened to it.  It was being borrowed by a sister and she has been taking very good care of it.  I do not have my flash drive with me so I unfortunately do not have any pictures to send this week. I hope that you can forgive me for that.  I promise to send a lot next week.
   For New Years Eve we just went bowling as a zone and then we had to be in our houses by 7 pm.  So we just studied and cleaned for the rest of the night.  The next day was like unto it as well.  So it was pretty much normal for us.
     I have not been able to check mail yet so I don't know if I have received any letters today. 
I will send pictures of me in the vest and what not next week.  I feel pretty bad that I have not sent pictures for so long.  But I PROMISE that I will change that right now. 
    I am glad that you enjoyed Idaho so much.  It's great that Erika and her family are so awesome.  I got a letter from Tinley a while ago but have not received anything back after I wrote her back.  They seem like they are a great family and they seem like they are pretty strong in what's right. 
    I am loving the sports updates this week!! My boys sound like they are really doing well. I am also very impressed with the Utes this season! They are blowing my mind!!!  Plus it does not surprise me that the Jazz are doing better than we want them to.  Burkes sounds like he is pretty much going to BE the franchise if you know what I mean.
     I am glad that you all enjoyed my testimony so much.  I did feel pretty inspired to some of the things that I said.  But more importantly, I was just doing what I am sent here to do.  My testimony has really grown here on my mission and I am very thankful for all the things I have learned and how much closer I am to Heavenly Father.  I am grateful for you and Pops for allowing me to be out here.
   I really have grown closer to Shannon since I left and since she and Colton were married.  I really do feel like they will be sealed in the temple and something that I want more than anything is for them to be there inside the temple when I am married in the temple.
   I am sorry that this email is so short but I want you to know of my deep love for you.  It pains me that you struggle so much with me being gone.  We were best friends before my mission and that will never change.  I want you to know that I did promise Pops that I will live at home for a while after my mission.  I pray every night that you heart will be at ease and that you will be able to cope with me being so far away.  But I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I know that I am terrible at expressing my feelings but I hope that you can feel my true love for you. It means the world to me that you care so much about our investigators.  I love you for all that you do and appreciate all that you have been to me and continue to be in my life. I LOVE YOU WITH NO END!!

   Elder Davis


  This week has been fun.  My Christmas was great.  I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.  I got to feel the spirit, invite others to Christ and talk to my sweet family. It was probably the best Christmas that I could have had with the given circumstances.  It was very enjoyable.  Christmas Eve was basically just a regular p-day.  We shopped and emailed and all that fun stuff.  And then we had dinner with a member,  Our Christmas dinners were enjoyable.  We had rolled tacos and "Ponde" (a Mexican hot beverage like apple cider.)  It was pretty delicious.  The members that are actually of Spanish culture usually feed us authentic Mexican food and I love it!  I haven't had any problems with having to pretend to like the so food, so that's good.

  The sweater vest has actually been a blessing because one; I have needed it a few times in the morning because it gets cold and two; I look pretty fly in it.  Just saying...just kidding.

  Glad that you get to spend so much time with Jonah.  I am sure that you will both enjoy it. I'm glad as well that he is the "only child" for the time being and that he gets "all" the attention.

  Ok, so I'm going to vent a little but I hope it goes well and that the point I am trying to get across will be what you feel.  This transfer has actually been disappointing for Elder Sherman and I.  WE have added 1 new investigator and dropped 4 others.  That being said, I can assure you that our work and our efforts do not reflect the results.

  The other night Elder Sherman and I were praying together and we both felt like our area is going to get shut-down.  I have been feeling like this all week and transfer calls are next Tuesday so we will see what happens.  Yes, what I have said so far sounds like whining, but here is where it changes,

  If there is anything that I have learned on my mission, it would be about accountability.  I can honestly tell you that I have personally put everything I have into this area for these people this transfer. I have learned that as long as I do what I can, that is all that matters.  Every night, I lay down unto the Lord and give him an account of what I have done or what my "offer" to him is.  And every night that I have done this, I have felt peace and know that the Lord is accepting of my offer.  I will probably cry when/if this area gets shut down.  But I know that I have given it my all.

  I love you with all my heart and thank you for EVERYTHING you do for me. I have really enjoyed the things you have sent for me.

  I love you!

  Elder Davis