Friday, January 17, 2014


    What up!  This week has been alright, we visited a lots of members and less actives.  We also visited J****.  She is one of our only investigators.  But we did have a pretty good lesson with her yesterday.  We read the Testimony of Joseph Smith together and it was pretty cool.  I shared my testimony of how Joseph was a true prophet and I think it went alright.  We asked some pretty deep questions that I know didn’t come from us. 

     Our area is really slow right now But I am not going to give up on it.  Something is going to happen with this area soon.  I don’t know what it is or how soon, but I know.
     I haven’t really had any super strong impressions lately.  Mostly just small ones.  The other night was pretty cool though.  We went to go see a member family that never cancels on us.  But, when we got there, they were super sick and I had the impression that it would be better if we came by another time.  That was weird we thought.  But, as soon as we got in the car, the phone rang.  It was the sisters asking if we could come give one their investigators a blessing.  What if we would have gone in anyway?  We would have missed the opportunity! 

      I really love the great opportunity I have to hold the priesthood of God to help other people.  It has made me a lot closer to God and Jesus Christ.  How great it is that I have the authority to posses the same priesthood that Jesus Christ himself used to bless, heal, and even raise people from the dead.  I am so lucky and grateful.
      Oh, back to your questions … about Elder Sherman?  He is just a very interesting guy.  He is super different than me.  We are totally different people.  But somehow, we’re united when we teach.  It’s pretty cool.  Insight that I didn’t know before would probably be object lessons.  He knows a lot of cool ones and we have made a couple of our own.  He doesn’t enjoy working out very much but we do it anyway.  He’s pretty athletic.  More than expected.  For workouts we usually play sports in the mornings or do insanity.  We don’t have a regular schedule or anything.
     I love you so much!
     Elder Davis


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