Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Taylor kept asking everyone if we had received his "second" letter this week.  We hadn't and weren't clear why he was so worried about it.  Later this evening when we checked the mail the letter was there.  Here is why he was wondering if we had received it!

Dear Family,

   So ... Tuesday was a crazy Tuesday!  Shortly after I had finished writing you, we were on our way to the stake center for a P-day activity.  We were almost there and closing in on the second to last turn to get to the stake center.  We were in the left lane traveling about 40mph when suddenly a black Lexus turns from the right lane shortly ahead of us.  As you can imagine, this all happened too fast.  We were able to slow down and move over a little bit, but unfortunately it was not enough.  We were broad sided by this $30,000 or more car, when we would have been seconds away from our destination.  I was the Elder that got the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat, closest to where our little Toyota Corolla was hit.

   Now this is where the protection of God our Heavenly Father comes into the story ...
Blessing #1: We were able to slow down and turn so that the intensity of the collision was reduced.  Blessing #2: No one else was involved in the accident.
Blessing number 3: The Lexus hit our car in the front quarter panel and no where else. 
Blessing #4: The way the crash happened instantly caused our tire to pop, forcing us to stop and not keep going into traffic.
Blessing #5: No one was hurt.  I can assure that I do not have a scratch, bruise, soar or anything on my body.  I am healthy as ever so please don't worry at all.  The Lord protected us. 
Blessing #6: We were able to get all the paper-work filled out quickly and still were able to go to the activity.
Blessing #7: Because of some amazing sisters in our zone that have a very small area that they can walk in vs. driving, we were able to use their car to cover our appointments.

I only listed 7 blessings because 7 is the symbol of exactness and this is the perfect situation of that. :)

 I know that God was watching over us and I know that the crash wouldn't have gone the way it did if he wasn't.  Once again I assure you that I am completely fine.  I love you all and I look forward to writing you on Tuesday.

He even included a diagram.  Now I just need to teach him to lead with....I got in accident, but I am totally fine!


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