Tuesday, January 7, 2014


  This week has been fun.  My Christmas was great.  I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.  I got to feel the spirit, invite others to Christ and talk to my sweet family. It was probably the best Christmas that I could have had with the given circumstances.  It was very enjoyable.  Christmas Eve was basically just a regular p-day.  We shopped and emailed and all that fun stuff.  And then we had dinner with a member,  Our Christmas dinners were enjoyable.  We had rolled tacos and "Ponde" (a Mexican hot beverage like apple cider.)  It was pretty delicious.  The members that are actually of Spanish culture usually feed us authentic Mexican food and I love it!  I haven't had any problems with having to pretend to like the so food, so that's good.

  The sweater vest has actually been a blessing because one; I have needed it a few times in the morning because it gets cold and two; I look pretty fly in it.  Just saying...just kidding.

  Glad that you get to spend so much time with Jonah.  I am sure that you will both enjoy it. I'm glad as well that he is the "only child" for the time being and that he gets "all" the attention.

  Ok, so I'm going to vent a little but I hope it goes well and that the point I am trying to get across will be what you feel.  This transfer has actually been disappointing for Elder Sherman and I.  WE have added 1 new investigator and dropped 4 others.  That being said, I can assure you that our work and our efforts do not reflect the results.

  The other night Elder Sherman and I were praying together and we both felt like our area is going to get shut-down.  I have been feeling like this all week and transfer calls are next Tuesday so we will see what happens.  Yes, what I have said so far sounds like whining, but here is where it changes,

  If there is anything that I have learned on my mission, it would be about accountability.  I can honestly tell you that I have personally put everything I have into this area for these people this transfer. I have learned that as long as I do what I can, that is all that matters.  Every night, I lay down unto the Lord and give him an account of what I have done or what my "offer" to him is.  And every night that I have done this, I have felt peace and know that the Lord is accepting of my offer.  I will probably cry when/if this area gets shut down.  But I know that I have given it my all.

  I love you with all my heart and thank you for EVERYTHING you do for me. I have really enjoyed the things you have sent for me.

  I love you!

  Elder Davis

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