Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Dear Dearest Mother,
     Thank you for your powerfully spiritual, yet thoughtful email.  I am doing great this week. Things are still a little slow here but we are seeing the Hand of the Lord - a lot!  Guess what!!?!?!? We had a baptism a little over a week ago!!!! It wasn't a convert baptism but that doesn't matter to me.  I will send a pic with my letter this week. 
     It was truly a blessing from the Lord that we were able to have a baptism.  It was for a little 8 year old girl named Stephania.  The bishop of her ward asked us to teach her a couple things so that she could get baptized.  Of course we delighted in the opportunity and went to work.  She asked me to perform the Baptism and Elder Sherman to perform the Confirmation.  It was so neat!!  The Baptism was AMAZING!! All the feelings of my own baptism came flooding back to memory, it was great!!!
    We have been working so hard these few months and I had been praying that something big would happen for our area. It was almost like the Lord said, "Alright, I can tell you are working hard and that you really want a baptism so I'm going to throw you a bone." What a blessing!!!
    Things with J*** are alright. We had a pretty good lesson with her but we still can't get her to come to church or to pray.  I know that the Gospel is changing her a lot though.  We have actually dropped a lot of our investigators recently and that has been very sad but we are being blessed for never giving up. We have seen some really cool things happen as a result as well.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. You are such a spiritual Giant!! It amazes me how you strive to serve others so much and how diligent you are in the spirit.  I know that you were truly working through the Lord when you performed that act of service for ****. You are such a boss!! I always can look up to you for an example.  I know that YOU are a HUGE part of my growth and hard work.  I thank you for your example and I am truly grateful to have such an amazing mother!!!
     Oh, yes I did get the Randall's letter and they should be getting my thank you note this week.
Could you send me Aunt Leslie's email and Kolby and Brother Griffiths' address so I can send them a letter? 
      I love you so much Mom!! You are the Coolest!!  The homemade treats were DELICIOUS!!! The Oreos were perfect and everything was amazing.  Thank you for everything Momma!! You are the best. I gotta go, but I hope your week is full of laughs, smiles, fun, and most importantly... the spirit!
I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!
     Elder Davis
     Things are good here in good ole sunny San Diego.  It has been a good week for the most part.  Our investigators have been dropping like flies though.  We as of now, have J**** and a dude named I*****. It has been tough to lose so many people that we were teaching but I know that it is for a reason and that the Lord is working through us.  Something is going to happen with this area real soon I can just feel it!! I just don't know if I will be a part of it. 
     I have been here for my whole mission and I am pretty sure that my time to move is almost here.  But that doesn't mean I am going to quit. NOOO SIRR!  I am going to put all I've got into this area and then some.  I have really been working on trying to be more positive and it has really helped.
     Mom shared something with me that really hit me hard.  President Joseph F. Smith did not have ONE baptism on his mission and he still loved it.  I know that baptisms are important yes, but they do not show whether you are working hard or having fun or not.  My mission has been so much fun so far and I am grateful that I still have about 18 months to continue to serve the Lord and do this great work!!
     Awesome that you get to teach all those little spiritual kids!! I am sure that your hands will be more than full.  It will be a lot of fun for you to see them advance as well. I remember when big ole Braxton was only 7 years old and how I used to babysit them all the time. 
     Our ward is growing so big and is going to be HUGE soon.  I bet it is nice to have so many deacons now, huh?   How is your home teaching going with the newish companion? Do you still have the same families to teach? Just wondering.
     Well Pops, You sure are super awesome!! I can't express the joy and spirit that comes when I read what you have to say. You are such a powerhouse.
     Glad to hear that my boys are doing so well. Super-Bowl bound yet again baby!! Hope this time they don't have to play the Cheatriots as well. Those fools do not belong in the championship.  Also glad to hear that Utes are doing alright too. It seems like they are doing way better this year than they have in a while.  In both sports!! 
     Pops, I want you to know that I stinking love you! Thank you for all you do for me and I hope this week is great for you!! Especially with the traveling!!! It makes me happy that you enjoy your new position so much. You Deserve it!!
     Elder Davis

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