Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Dear Mother,
    I am very pleased to hear that your week went so well and that you like my letter? Have you received the other one that I sent?  Anyways, it sounds like you sure have had a fun week and that makes me very happy to hear. 

    I am glad that you got to spend some time with (little/not so little anymore) Ari.  I actually received a letter from her today. So cute! I love her to death. 
    Ok, so this week has been pretty great so far.  We did a lot of service. AND....... wait for it........... we went to the Temple!!! Holy crap was it like the most awesome Temple day ever. Well almost.  But I did feel the spirit SUPER strong and I felt that Nana was there with me.  I really do feel like she is an angel that is specifically assigned to watch over our family. She has such a sweet spirit.  So I guess that answers your question about when I get to go the Temple.... haha. 
   Glad that it appears that I am taking good care of myself and my clothes because I really am trying to take care of everything and make it last.  The hamper has actually been a blessing and I am very grateful for it, so thank you for always knowing what I need. 
   Elder Sherman always does the dishes and keeps the kitchen clean.  You would be so proud of me... We had inspections the other week and I cleaned all the walls...with bleach and everything. The apartment looked so prime.

   Sad to hear that my boys lost but I am glad that the Cheatriots are not in the super-bowl to say the least.

   Sad to hear that Eric might be moving but I am glad to hear that Aunt Katherine is doing okay.  I put her name in the temple today. What ever happened with the Blazer? Just curious.

   SO cool that Andrew is going to Mexico for his mission!!!! Please tell him how excited I am for him and that he is still one of my best friends.
   Momma, I freakin' love you to the moon and back.... A million times!  That is so awesome about the experience that you had at the temple. Thanks for sharing with me. It really touched me. You are such a special and amazing person I hope you know that!! You are my hero!!
   I love you so much and hope that this week is even better than the last.
   Elder Davis

Dear Papacito,
    I cannot believe that I am going to hit my six month mark this week!! And what a blessing to have spent it all in the same area.  I have really grown to love Poway and the peeps that reside in it's boundaries. I feel pretty strongly that I will be leaving at our next transfers, but who knows. I have really grown and learned a lot here.  I have also made a lot of friends that made me promise that I will come back and chill with them.

    As for our investigators, not much has changed. We just have J****, I*****, and L***.  We are having a lot more success with the members and less actives though, so that has been very cool.  We also got a Branch Mission leader and that is going to change the way things work by a TON! He is so awesome and this branch is going to grow.  I just know it. Some day, it will be a ward. How exciting that sounds coming out of my mouth/head!

    I am glad to hear that everyone enjoyed my letter and photo. I hope that you got my second letter and that everyone isn't totally freaked out. But I can assure you that I am perfectly fine.

   You are such a powerhouse Dad! You amaze me with something new every week.  How proud I am to call you my father.  It also makes me happy to hear that you still have the opportunity to teach the Randall's and the Higbee's.  Please give them my love and tell them how awesome they truly are.

   Congrats on the trip that's coming up!!! That is so awesome. I know how much you love to travel and what a cool thing it will be to see the promises in your patriarchal blessing fulfilled someday. 

   It makes me happy as well that you all got to enjoy Ari so much.  Your experience that you have shared reminds me of how I feel sometimes.  I am getting a little scared because I am really starting to look forward to the day when I have my own children.  Whoa, I guess I am finally growing up.  I also REALLY look forward to searching for my eternal companion.  But don't worry, I am keeping myself focused on what is truly important at this time of my life and that is nothing more than this great work that I am able to do.

   It is disappointing to hear that my boys lost to the Seahawks but I am VERY happy that Cheatriots are not in the super-bowl.  Plus, I gotta say, it was a nice touch ending with the UTES UPDATE! I am very proud of my soon to be fellow classmates.
   Pops, I want you to know that I love you and really enjoy your letters. I hope you have a BOSS week!

   Elder Davis

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