Thursday, November 28, 2013


Taylor and his new companion attended Thanksgiving dinner at the Jorgensen's home in Poway.  Bishop Jorgensen is a bishop in the stake Taylor is serving in.  He is the brother of our dear friends, Scott and Paula Jorgensen who live in our neighborhood.  We are so grateful they invited him to dinner.  We received these pictures of he and his companion from our friends here.  Happy Thanskgiving Elder Davis! 

Pie by the pool.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am happy to tell you that I am feeling better than I have felt in months!  I have actually been able to work this week and it has been great!  About the blessing:  before it, Elder Karlinsey and I were talking about me and Elder Karlinsey shared scriptures with me from D&C 42 about healing.  He then asked me if I would like another blessing.  But this time, it would be for healing everything. Basically it was a miracle status blessing.  He asked me if I had the faith to be healed and I told him yes. I knew that going home was not the answer for me.  So he gave me a blessing.  It was one of the most powerful blessings I have ever received!  I KNOW that it was God talking and not Elder Karlinsey.  I was promised that I will be made completely whole again if I remain faithful and have the faith to be healed.  Then immediately after that, I was blessed with faith.  WOW.  Then I was told that I WILL return to Utah someday. But if I remain faithful, it will be at the end of a mission worked with mighty miracles.

Immediately after the blessing, I stood up and bent over and what not and I felt SO good!  The very next morning I was able to go to morning sports and I felt normal again.  I know that this was because of the blessing and nothing else.  I know it happened because this is where Heavenly Father needs me.

As far as transfers go, Elder Karlinsey is being transferred.  We will find out where tomorrow but I feel like it needs to happen and that God needs him somewhere else.  Yes, I am sad that he is going.  But I know that it is inspired of the Lord.

For Thanksgiving we have been invited to be with the Jorgensen's and I am actually going to call them today.  I think it will be fun and pretty cool.

Thank you for sharing with me what happened with ***.  That is so cool!  I know that you needed to be there as well because I know how in tune you are with the spirit. Thank you for your example and for your cool story.

As for investigators, **** lost her baptismal date.  Again.  But she is moving things along and we hope she will be married soon.

It would be nice to have my dry-fit 49ers shirt because I would enjoy it and I need another shirt because I have more shorts than shirts.

I want to tell you that I love you and appreciate you so much and I am finally feeling good.  I hope to still give it my all and help all I can.

I love you so much and am grateful for all that you do!

Elder Davis

 Elder, Elder Karlinsey & Taylor
A dinner Taylor and Elder Karlinsey made together.

Monday, November 25, 2013


On Saturday Sis. "R" told us not be afraid to ask for miracles.  On Sunday I gave a lesson in Relief Society wherein Elder Holland said, "Believe in miracles.  I have seen so many of them come when very other indication would say that hope was lost.  Hope is never lost.  If those miracles do not come soon or fully or seemingly at all, remember the Savior's own anguished example :  if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days ahead."

After speaking with the doctor, hope was not lost.  We were prepared to drink the bitter cup if need be.  The bitterest would have been if Taylor's cancer had returned or if the results would end his mission and neither of those are the case.  But we still have a son who was dealing with pain that is causing him to not be as effective on his mission as he would like to be and preventing him from serving to his full ability. We still have no answers how long it will be until he can fully function again and that is worrisome.  After the phone call with the doctor my husband and I held each other and expressed our feelings that we didn't know how we could go another month or two having Taylor in so much pain and worrying incessantly about how he was.

As we were preparing to go to bed, we got a call from Sis. "R".  It was about 10:30 pm MST.  She said Taylor had just called her.  She said she had never heard him so happy.  He told her his companion had given him a blessing and that he was feeling normal.  Better than he had in months.  He didn't give her all the details, he said he would share them in his email tomorrow, but that he believed a miracle had happened!


We have been on pins and needles all day waiting to get the results from Taylor's MRI.  At about 3 pm MST we left the house to run some errands.  Apparently right after we let, the spine doctor called.  His message said he had Taylor in his office and wanted to go over the results with us.  It was about 4 pm when we got home and received the message.  We immediately called him back, but he did not answer.  We left a message and once again resumed waiting.

About 8 pm our time he called back.  He began the conversation by relaying the fact that when he had called earlier Taylor was in his office and he wanted to put the phone on speaker phone to give us the results.  The ever strict adherer to the rules "Taylor" told him he could not do that.  The doctor told Taylor he could just listen, not talk and Taylor still objected.  Although it would have been awesome to hear his voice, I love his conviction to obey the rules to the letter.  He is an amazing young man!  Through all of this, one of the hardest parts has been not being able to communicate with him.  We have had to rely on our communication with our Father in Heaven to see us through this.

We had an in-depth conversation with the doctor regarding Taylor's results.  The MRI showed it is NOT cancer!!! Hallelujah!  Apparently Taylor was born without the lowest disk in his spine.  Why no one has never noticed that before, we don't know.  The next disk up is trying to compensate for the lower one being gone.  However it is deteriorating due to the chemo and radiation treatments.   The doctor said Taylor will basically deal with this off and on for the rest of his life.  There will be times when it is totally fine and there will be times when it will take him down.  There is no indication of how often it will happen.

Next we discussed treatment options.  He said Taylor looked a little more comfortable today, but that it could take weeks to months for him to feel normal again.  The doctor does not want to push more steroids because of the side effects.  He is going to give Taylor two weeks to see how this hit of prednisone has worked.  If he does not see marked improvement he will do an in-office injection into the area and wait two weeks.  If he does not see improvement in two additional weeks, they will do an epidural injection into the site.

While it is GREAT news that it is not cancer, it is still very concerning and discouraging that there will be more waiting, hoping and praying that one of these treatments will restore his health.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


So many people have been concerned about Taylor and want to know what they can do for him or us.  The only thing we can say is, "Pray."  Everything is in the Lord's hands and he will be the one to determine the outcome.

On Sunday our Bishop gave a brief update of Taylor's condition and asked the members of our ward to keep Taylor in their prayers...and they did.  In every meeting we attended, even in an evening planning meeting.  The members prayed for Elder Davis.

Not only the adults, but the youth (young men, young women and especially the Primary children) are always asking us how Taylor is doing.  We have heard countless stories of how little tiny children are praying for him.  The young man who is the usher for sacrament meeting never fails to ask how he is doing.  And we can feel his genuine concern for Taylor.  We are blessed to live an area where we can draw strength from our ward family and today we really felt that.  I cannot express the comfort we have felt through your prayers.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I spoke with Sis. "R" this morning and it was not the best news.  She relayed to me that Taylor is still in as much pain as he was before.  He feels that the prednisone is not helping much at all. She told me that Elder Ballard had visited a few weeks ago and spoken with the missionaries and he had told them not to be afraid to pray for miracles.  We have decided that is just what we will do...Pray for a miracle!!!


I am sorry to write you all together, but you were asking the same questions so I figured it was appropriate. :)  As for me and how I am feeling; I am doing a little worse pain wise, but mentally I am doing SO MUCH better!  Now that we are actually making progress and I am hoping we will be able to fix things soon enough. :)  I am glad to know a little bit of what is actually going on.  I will just talk about missionary work since my emails expressed everything that's going on with the doctors.

So with the time that my companion and I are actually able to work, we are actually doing pretty good.  Yes, it has been very hard, but I have learned a lot.  As far as our investigators go, we have four right now.  They are ****, *****, ***** and *****. ****has decided that she is going to ask ******to get married and work on their relationship so she can be baptized on her date; the 30th of this month.  We still haven't been able to see **** so sadly we might have to drop him.:(  As for **** she is a new investigator.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she made us put our favorite scriptures in there for her to read and we did.  But we weren't able to see her last week because she was sick. :(  But we will see her this week.

As for *****, we had a pretty cool lesson with her! Here's the as you know, I haven't been feeling very well.  But on Friday night we exchanged with the zone leaders, Elder Casey and a non-Spanish speaking Elder came into our area with me.  As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous.  But I had trust in the Lord that I'd be alright.  That night before we started the exchange, I prayed super hard that I would be able to work the following day.  The morning came and I felt pretty good.  In our weekly plans we had something planned to teach ****.  But as I was leading our studies, I had a prompting to change what we were going to study to the pre-earth life and life after death sections from Preach My Gospel.  So we did just that.  As we were studying Alma 40:11-12 popped into my head.  So I asked my companion (Elder Casey for the day) if we could read it together.  As we were reading, verse 11 really stuck out to me and I felt like ***** would really like it, so we planned for that.

Now *****is a single old lady that lives alone and rule as a missionary is that you can't go inside a home of a woman if you don't have another person that is a mate with you.  (Usually a member.)  Well, I had been calling member after member that day and no one could come with us.  So I called her up and said that we were still coming but we couldn't go inside her house. When we got there, she said that it was to cold to sit outside.  So she said, "You know what, I need to runs some errands, why don't' you meet me at this shopping center and we will go from there."  I turned to Elder Casey and we thought it was alright.  So we met ***** there and she said, "Ehh, it's still too cold.  Can we go inside that Wendy's over there?"  I questioned the idea for a second but it seemed okay.  Granted I was doubting that the spirit would be very powerful there.  Silly me!!!! We opened with a prayer and started following up.  The week before we had left a talk with her to read.  We asked he how she liked it and she said she didn't have time to read it.  So I asked her what was going on and she said that two of her aunts had died.  We shared Alma 40:11-19 and talked about where her aunts were.  She was really intrigued by this and I know that the Lord prepared us for that lesson.  Plus the Spirit was super strong a Wendys!!!

This just strengthens my testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost  and God micro-managing the work.  Plus she told us at the end of the lesson the it was exactly what she needed and that it was beautiful.

Okay back to things with my back.  As far as what I think should be done; I have an MRI on Friday and an appointment at the beginning of next week.  I feel like I will make my decision after that follow up appt.  I will have Sister "R" keep you informed.  I feel like things are finally moving along.

As for a Christmas list, I would just like the CTR ring that I requested and maybe some ties that aren’t striped.  Preferably paisley.  I don’t really need anything.  I just would really like the CTR ring.  I love you all so much and grateful to have you in my lives.

Elder Davis

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


     I am doing alright today.  I am feeling a lot better mentally, knowing that something is being done and that we kind of know a taste of what is going on.  Yes, this week has been really hard and I want you to know that I am SUPER grateful for all that you have done to speed things up. I know that without you, I would be nowhere!! I want you to know that you are a great example and I love and appreciate everything that you have done for me.  I have definitely felt the prayers and fasting!  I am so grateful to have such a boss family and I will never take you guys for granted again!  I love and appreciate all of you so much!
     I am glad that Sister "R" is keeping you updated. She is such an awesome little lady!  
    So yes, what you heard about my bottom vertebrae is growing incorrectly is correct.  But it is making it impossible for the disc below it to move.  That being said, my lower vertebrae is starting to connect to lower part of the cluster of bones in my back, making it hurt because the bones are touching and causing me TONS of pain.  This is why it makes my back hurt the most when I am sitting down.  It does hurt like crazy but I have learned a lot these few weeks and I know it is happening for a reason and that it will all be fixed sometime, hopefully soon.
   I have an MRI scheduled for this Friday morning and the Spine doctor said that we will meet again after that and go from there.  I think this doctor actually knows what he is doing and that comforts me a lot.  The doctor did not mention any treatment options yet but I am pretty sure the only option is surgery or Prednisone, or both. I really do feel like we are actually making progress now and that makes me feel a lot better.  Besides praying for me, I don't know of what you can do. Just keep doing everything that you are and hope for the best.  We will know what is going to happen in the next week or so.  
    As for transfers, they are next week.  I am pretty sure that Elder Karlinsey is going to be transferred.  I am actually kind of okay with it because I know that he has been here for a while and he has other things to do other than take care of me.  He says he has learned a lot from me and that he is grateful for the chance to serve with me.  I kind of feel like I will be getting a new companion and I really don't mind that to much to be honest.  Whatever happens, I know that it is the Lord's will and I will do whatever I need to do. 
   I am able to work sometimes.  Other than that, I am able to lay down and sleep and think of our investigators. I also have been trying to think of ways to help the area while I am down.  
  Other than my meds, I can't think of anything that I NEED. You have done a great job at making sure that I am covered in that area :) 
  No plans for thanksgiving yet, but we will see.  
  As for *****, we had a "sick" lesson with her the other day and I hope to tell you all about it in my letter this week.  ***** has decided to marry her boyfriend as well, so that is great.  We are going to see her tomorrow to see how it is going and how we can help her.  
  As for sports, I am not surprised that you weren't too excited to give updates.  I know that the 9ers really pooped on themselves and that Alex lost and that Scott got spanked too.  But I am okay with that because I know that it doesn't really matter right now.  Yes, I like hearing about what's going on but I know where my mind needs to be during the week. Thanks for always sending the updates though.
  Thanks for the picture of the baby! I am so happy to be an uncle soon! Plus I knew it was going to be a girl!!  I am so happy for them!
  Thanks for ALL that you do sweet mother. I love you so much and am very grateful!
  Elder Davis
P.S.  I am so sorry to say it but I wasn't able to get any pictures taken :(
        But I promise to take some this week!

Monday, November 18, 2013


We wanted to thank everyone who has fasted and prayed on Taylor's behalf for the last several weeks. It has been quite a roller coaster ride for he and our family!  The problems Taylor is experiencing are not from cancer!!!

Today we were told that the bottom vertebrae in his spine is growing outward instead of inward. He also has a disc that is growing into this vertebrae. He was FINALLY given some medication for the pain which he has valiantly endured for the past 7 weeks. He will be having an MRI this week and then the doctor will decide what to do.

While his pain is not over, we know what is causing it and can look for solutions to fix it. We will take this over cancer any day!

We couldn't have made it through this without your prayers and support. Both he and our family have definitely felt your love. Thank you so much!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Dear Momma,
     I am doing alright. I am still in a lot of pain but I know that everything is going to be ok.  I am working when I can and sometimes when I can't.  Don't worry, I am doing alright and I am being helped a lot by the Lord.  
     I have been taking Tylenol every so often and I haven't been able to talk to the doctors about anything like steroids yet.  I signed a release form so that you can know everything so I'm pretty sure you should be able to know everything that they do.
     An Elder Davis CTR ring means that it's a nice CTR ring from Deseret Book.  And what I mean exactly by "Elder Davis" is just that it is a ring that you could see me wearing and that would look nice on me.
     I was able to do a little bit of work this week.  We had MTE's this week and very fortunately, I was able to work the whole day and we were able to see a lot of cool things and find some more people as well.
     My back is actually pretty bad. Even with my high pain tolerance, it is still pretty painful and hard to do anything besides standing and laying down.  But I am still doing everything I can and more.  The Lord is really helping me a lot and it is really cool to see that.
     I have not heard anything from the doctor yet.  I have been drinking a lot of water so I am pretty sure that it is not kidney stones.  I drink about a gallon each day.  

     I don't really need anything right now that I can think of.
    Elder Karlinsey actually doesn't get much from home because his parents live in Costa Rica and can't really send him anything through the mail.  I think that he might some might like some candy or something like that  or maybe something that has to do with the Major League soccer team: Barcelona.
    The next set of transfers are at the end of this month! My companion and I feel like he is going to get transferred since he's been here like 8 months already.  I pretty much feel like I am staying here in Poway for a while because Elder Karlinsey is probably leaving and they most likely wouldn't send both of us because they need a missionary that knows the people in the area and what not. 
     Our investigators are doing alright.  We just added another one on Thursday and we have an appointment with her tonight!
    As for my testimony:  I know that this church is true.  I know without a doubt that this is the exact place where I need to be at this time, in this state, in this area, in this zone, in this district, and with this companion.  I have seen so much increase in my testimony and my stature as a man.  I KNOW that without the Lord's help, I would not be able to do anything even close to what I am doing with the language now.  I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is true and because of that, Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet and that the church is true as well.  I know that the power of the priesthood is real.  I know that I am definitely being watched over by angels above and especially by Nana. I know that without my parents, I would be nothing.  I know that with the trials I have gone through and am going through now, I am being made a better man and will some day be the man that Heavenly Father wants me to be.
    As far as spiritual experiences this week, I had an interesting one last Tuesday.... I was on the phone with Pres. Clayton and he was telling me that I would probably have to go home for the scans and then come back. It was interesting because right as he said this, I was overcome by the spirit. I still don't know why exactly that happened because me going home didn't even happen.  Maybe it was just the spirit of the comforter telling me that everything was going to be okay and that things are actually being done.
     I love you so much mother and am so glad to have someone so AWESOME and special as you. You are my rock and I am super lucky to have you in my life.  I know that all this with my health right now is happening for a reason and I know that it will all turn out sometime.  I just need to hang in there and do what Heavenly Father wants me to.
     Sorry for how this has all made you feel.  I know it must be hard for you.  But I also know that everything is going to be fine and you will be comforted as well.
     I love you with all my heart dear Mother. You mean the world to me.
     Elder Davis
P.S.  And as much as it hurts to say this.... I can't send any pictures this week because I have not been able to take any new ones....... :(
     As for things with my scans and what not, I am not at all worried about it being Hogkins again but I just have this feeling and am pretty sure that it is nothing to do with muscles or anything like that. Something is happening back there that just isn't right.  But the doctors office said they'd call me when they knew more about what's going on with the scans.  I gotta say that I am not very happy with how things are going.  I have been dealing with this for about 7 weeks now and it has been getting worse.  I don't feel like the doctors have done much to help the situation.  It is hard for me because I am in a lot of pain and I want to be out there working and helping the people but I can't because my body won't let me.  I have had a really hard time lately Dad.  I feel like I am not fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and I fear that my back will get worse and they will send me home.  I am super stressed and worried all the time.  I also feel bad because I have been very prideful and gone out and worked even when I know that I shouldn't.  I want to know what's going on so that I can fix it and do what I came out here to do. 
     Wow, sorry for that whining session... With all that I have just told you, there is of course still some good things that have come out of it all.  For one, I have had a lot of time to rest and study. Another good thing is that I have been gaining a better knowledge of the scriptures and that I am progressing in the language as well.  I also have learned a lot about pride and have become a lot more humble.   I feel like I have grown a lot since I've been out on my mission and I am grateful for that.  I know that I will finish my mission. Whether it be here in San Diego and all at the same time, I don't know.  But I do know that I will finish.
     My investigators are doing well.  ***** is doing great.  We feel like she might actually act and do something so that she can be baptized this week.  We actually added a new investigator this week as well! Her name is ***** and she asked us to come by tonight so we'll see how that goes!
     Elder Davis

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


After receiving Taylor's email today we put in a call to the mission nurse to see why the scans had not been performed.  She seemed quite surprised and said she would start calling to see what was going on.  Next thing I know I received a call from the oncologist's office in California.  They said that our insurance would not give pre-authorization for the scans.  They asked that I call our insurance company and get things worked out.  According to the insurance company it wasn't a matter of pre-authorization. They informed me that the scans had actually been denied based on how the doctor's office had filled out the paperwork.  They said the doctor must call back and speak with one of their physicians and say the exact words they needed to hear or the scans would not happen. 

I was more than frustrated.  I kneeled down and said a prayer.  I didn't know what to do.  I wondered what the possibility of Taylor flying here for testing and then flying right back would be.  I called Shane to see what he thought.  Without me ever mentioning Taylor flying here, he brought up the exact same thing.  I knew I needed to inquire about the possibility. 

I then spoke with Sis. "R" and she said she would check on it and get back with me. A short while later she called and said they were just waiting on approval from the First Presidency and for me to see when PCMC could see Taylor. 

It was after 6 pm so no one was available at PCMC.  I called the minute they opened the next morning and they said they could see him as soon as Monday.  I let Sis. "R" know and she said she would get with Pres. Clayton and see about final arrangements.  I felt a sense of huge relief.  The doctors here know Taylor so well.  He has been going to them for over a decade.  They are familiar with his abnormalities (lymph nodes, spleen, platelets) and I think they will be able to figure out what is going on.

The relief didn't last long.  Within an hour Sis. "R" called and said the doctor had now gotten approval from the insurance company to perform the scans and they were scheduled for Saturday morning in California.  We weren't sure how to feel about this.  In the end it came down to the fact that President Clayton has stewardship over our son at this time and we will abide by his decisions. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I just want you to know how much I appreciate how much you talk about missionary work and the Gospel.  I have really been making an effort to consecrate myself and by you doing that, it makes it a lot easier for me focus on the work in my emails and in my letters.  Thank you for praying for my investigators. It means a lot to me.
The reason why I can not use dropbox is because the only websites we are able to use at missionaries are,, and myldsmail. So sorry that you set that up for me and I can't use it.
CONGRATS with things with the job!!! That is so awesome that you will be leaving that terrible situation and that you will be so much happier.  That makes me very happy and I super glad to hear that.  I have been praying that you guys back home will be blessed for your sacrifices. It makes me happy to know that you will much happier with work because I know how it has been very hard and tiring because of certain reasons.
As for missionary work, you are always in my prayers and I will continue to make sure to keep doing so.  I don't have suggestions really but I can tell you what I have learned.  Sometimes, okay a lot of the time we don't know if our thoughts are the Spirit or just our own thoughts and something I have learned is that if I have a thought to do something good, I just do it.  Over time when we have had the Spirit in our lives for a while, our thoughts start become like the Spirit. So, if you feel like you should do something that is good, just follow Nike's motto and "just do it".  The Lord will recognize your faith and will bless you in your efforts.  That's what I can think about right now. I will tell you a personal experience in my letter.
Thanks so much Pops for all you do. I love you and I want you to know that you are the Boss!
Elder Davis

Dear Mom,

Sorry that things have been so stressful lately!  It has been about the same for me.  I am doing alright. I feel like my back has gotten progressively worse in the past week or so and it is really bugging me not knowing what it is.  My companion has had to pretty much force me to stay in and rest because you know me, I always try to work even I know that I shouldn't. 
Sister "R" has been a big help and the doctor didn't do a very good job at diagnosing me correctly.  It is not even a surety that I have enlarged lymph nodes in my back.  That is just what he said he "thinks".  Yes my platelets are low and no they are not lower than normal.  And the "fungal infection" is on my arms and my neck. 
Sorry that the communication is so terrible. I still have yet to hear back from the doctor saying when my scans are.  I am going to call Sis. "R" after I am finished with emails.  I am really thinking that is either something that could be cured with steroids or the cancer. I actually had what I thought was a prompting to mention anabolic steroids to the doctor the next time I see him.  I have heard of stories with people that had cancer and back problems after and they were given steroids to heal them. 
All in all, I am still worried about cancer of course because it is getting worse even with me resting and what not.  I hope to figure out what it is this week so we can stop stressing so much.  I have thought about coming home to get it taken care of. Especially if it turns out to be cancer.  I got a blessing the other night and something that it said was, "You will finish your mission. Whether it be all here or now, your Father in Heaven does not see fit to tell you right now."  Whatever the outcome, I know that it is what needs to happen.

It's just been hard for me because I have been worried about being sent home and it has been hard to look through pictures and be reminded of home. Especially the pictures of me going through cancer.  I really don't want to leave this work but I almost feel like that is what is going to happen.  I want you to know that I do appreciate the pictures and the book of all the written notes from everyone.  I know it must have taken lots of work.  I have been trying really hard to not have thoughts about going home because I need to focus on the work right now. 
Onto happy things.... Ideas for Christmas presents.... I have no idea! I actually would like something  in a package or something. I was wondering, could you like not send me a package for a few weeks to save money and then send me a nice CTR ring with an Elder Davis style? That would be awesome!  I have no idea as to how the phone call will take place on Christmas. It is still pretty far away and we haven't got a lot of updates. All I know is that all the missionaries will be getting together for a party.  Not really any plans for Thanksgiving either.  The work is going great and we are doing well.
Oh and thank you so much for the packages!!! They were super cool and I will use them when I need them. Of course the candy always comes in handy too.  My 100th day was pretty good. We basically just studied a lot and what not. But we had some really good studies and it was great.  Halloween was the same day and nothing went bad, so that was nice too.

I am doing okay. The Lord and my friends here are really helping me out.

I appreciate all the prayers. I know that the Lord is allowing all this for a reason and I am learning a lot.  I have to go now but I hope you have a great week and I will have Sis. "R" keep you updated on things. Thanks for all you have done to help with the doctors! It's nice to have a Mom that knows what she's doing. I love you with all my heart.
Le amo con todo mi corazon! Usted es el mejor Mama en todo el mundo!
Con Amor,
Elder Davis

Monday, November 4, 2013


I am doing pretty good minus my back of course.  And yes, I usually do emails before I get mail.  I will usually do emails around **** on Tuesdays.

The picture of the baby is super cute!  I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl!  I'm so happy for Colton and Shannon!

I am sorry to hear about Pops being so sick! :(  That's no fun at all!  But I know that you took good care of him. :)

I am also sorry to hear about ***!  Her situation is very common because a lot of the time members don't do enough at fellowshipping or the missionaries don't follow up after investigators are baptized.  That why member missionary work is so important.  Just keep doing what you are doing. :) She just needs a friend like you. :)

I can't go to firesides like that because we are only able to go to things like that on Tuesdays and Tuesdays are always super busy.  Sad I missed out, but I know it was good.

I will be sure to let Sis. "R" know how the doctor goes tomorrow. :) Thanks you so much for all that you have done to help things out! :) I know that I wouldn't have an appointment tomorrow if it wasn't for you! :)

Things are going great with ****.  We sadly have not had any progress with him.  We have stopped by multiple time but he hasn't been there.  As for ****  - she has a baptismal date!  Granted, she still needs to *******. 

**** is our only progressing investigator.  She came to church and to the Halloween activity and we have an appointment with her tonight!  **** hasn't been doing anything.  We haven't been able to see him either.  We really thought he was prepared. 

My favorite experience so far was when **** called us up and asked us we were going to teach her.  It was so awesome!

As for dropbox, unfortunately I can't use dropbox due to computer limitations.  But thanks for trying to set that up for me.

Thank you for the packages as well!  I promise not to open them until Halloween!

Thanks for all your help mom and for the amazing mother that you are!  Other missionaries are definitely jealous! And they should be!  I am SUPER lucky!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMA!

Thank you Dad for all you have done for me and all that you still do.  I love and respect you more that anything.  I'm glad we are as close as we have become.  Have a superb week!

Elder Davis