Tuesday, November 19, 2013


     I am doing alright today.  I am feeling a lot better mentally, knowing that something is being done and that we kind of know a taste of what is going on.  Yes, this week has been really hard and I want you to know that I am SUPER grateful for all that you have done to speed things up. I know that without you, I would be nowhere!! I want you to know that you are a great example and I love and appreciate everything that you have done for me.  I have definitely felt the prayers and fasting!  I am so grateful to have such a boss family and I will never take you guys for granted again!  I love and appreciate all of you so much!
     I am glad that Sister "R" is keeping you updated. She is such an awesome little lady!  
    So yes, what you heard about my bottom vertebrae is growing incorrectly is correct.  But it is making it impossible for the disc below it to move.  That being said, my lower vertebrae is starting to connect to lower part of the cluster of bones in my back, making it hurt because the bones are touching and causing me TONS of pain.  This is why it makes my back hurt the most when I am sitting down.  It does hurt like crazy but I have learned a lot these few weeks and I know it is happening for a reason and that it will all be fixed sometime, hopefully soon.
   I have an MRI scheduled for this Friday morning and the Spine doctor said that we will meet again after that and go from there.  I think this doctor actually knows what he is doing and that comforts me a lot.  The doctor did not mention any treatment options yet but I am pretty sure the only option is surgery or Prednisone, or both. I really do feel like we are actually making progress now and that makes me feel a lot better.  Besides praying for me, I don't know of what you can do. Just keep doing everything that you are and hope for the best.  We will know what is going to happen in the next week or so.  
    As for transfers, they are next week.  I am pretty sure that Elder Karlinsey is going to be transferred.  I am actually kind of okay with it because I know that he has been here for a while and he has other things to do other than take care of me.  He says he has learned a lot from me and that he is grateful for the chance to serve with me.  I kind of feel like I will be getting a new companion and I really don't mind that to much to be honest.  Whatever happens, I know that it is the Lord's will and I will do whatever I need to do. 
   I am able to work sometimes.  Other than that, I am able to lay down and sleep and think of our investigators. I also have been trying to think of ways to help the area while I am down.  
  Other than my meds, I can't think of anything that I NEED. You have done a great job at making sure that I am covered in that area :) 
  No plans for thanksgiving yet, but we will see.  
  As for *****, we had a "sick" lesson with her the other day and I hope to tell you all about it in my letter this week.  ***** has decided to marry her boyfriend as well, so that is great.  We are going to see her tomorrow to see how it is going and how we can help her.  
  As for sports, I am not surprised that you weren't too excited to give updates.  I know that the 9ers really pooped on themselves and that Alex lost and that Scott got spanked too.  But I am okay with that because I know that it doesn't really matter right now.  Yes, I like hearing about what's going on but I know where my mind needs to be during the week. Thanks for always sending the updates though.
  Thanks for the picture of the baby! I am so happy to be an uncle soon! Plus I knew it was going to be a girl!!  I am so happy for them!
  Thanks for ALL that you do sweet mother. I love you so much and am very grateful!
  Elder Davis
P.S.  I am so sorry to say it but I wasn't able to get any pictures taken :(
        But I promise to take some this week!

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  1. Love that you can hear the hope in his "voice." Love you guys so very much. Lots of prayers still coming your way.