Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am happy to tell you that I am feeling better than I have felt in months!  I have actually been able to work this week and it has been great!  About the blessing:  before it, Elder Karlinsey and I were talking about me and Elder Karlinsey shared scriptures with me from D&C 42 about healing.  He then asked me if I would like another blessing.  But this time, it would be for healing everything. Basically it was a miracle status blessing.  He asked me if I had the faith to be healed and I told him yes. I knew that going home was not the answer for me.  So he gave me a blessing.  It was one of the most powerful blessings I have ever received!  I KNOW that it was God talking and not Elder Karlinsey.  I was promised that I will be made completely whole again if I remain faithful and have the faith to be healed.  Then immediately after that, I was blessed with faith.  WOW.  Then I was told that I WILL return to Utah someday. But if I remain faithful, it will be at the end of a mission worked with mighty miracles.

Immediately after the blessing, I stood up and bent over and what not and I felt SO good!  The very next morning I was able to go to morning sports and I felt normal again.  I know that this was because of the blessing and nothing else.  I know it happened because this is where Heavenly Father needs me.

As far as transfers go, Elder Karlinsey is being transferred.  We will find out where tomorrow but I feel like it needs to happen and that God needs him somewhere else.  Yes, I am sad that he is going.  But I know that it is inspired of the Lord.

For Thanksgiving we have been invited to be with the Jorgensen's and I am actually going to call them today.  I think it will be fun and pretty cool.

Thank you for sharing with me what happened with ***.  That is so cool!  I know that you needed to be there as well because I know how in tune you are with the spirit. Thank you for your example and for your cool story.

As for investigators, **** lost her baptismal date.  Again.  But she is moving things along and we hope she will be married soon.

It would be nice to have my dry-fit 49ers shirt because I would enjoy it and I need another shirt because I have more shorts than shirts.

I want to tell you that I love you and appreciate you so much and I am finally feeling good.  I hope to still give it my all and help all I can.

I love you so much and am grateful for all that you do!

Elder Davis

 Elder, Elder Karlinsey & Taylor
A dinner Taylor and Elder Karlinsey made together.

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