Saturday, November 23, 2013


I am sorry to write you all together, but you were asking the same questions so I figured it was appropriate. :)  As for me and how I am feeling; I am doing a little worse pain wise, but mentally I am doing SO MUCH better!  Now that we are actually making progress and I am hoping we will be able to fix things soon enough. :)  I am glad to know a little bit of what is actually going on.  I will just talk about missionary work since my emails expressed everything that's going on with the doctors.

So with the time that my companion and I are actually able to work, we are actually doing pretty good.  Yes, it has been very hard, but I have learned a lot.  As far as our investigators go, we have four right now.  They are ****, *****, ***** and *****. ****has decided that she is going to ask ******to get married and work on their relationship so she can be baptized on her date; the 30th of this month.  We still haven't been able to see **** so sadly we might have to drop him.:(  As for **** she is a new investigator.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she made us put our favorite scriptures in there for her to read and we did.  But we weren't able to see her last week because she was sick. :(  But we will see her this week.

As for *****, we had a pretty cool lesson with her! Here's the as you know, I haven't been feeling very well.  But on Friday night we exchanged with the zone leaders, Elder Casey and a non-Spanish speaking Elder came into our area with me.  As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous.  But I had trust in the Lord that I'd be alright.  That night before we started the exchange, I prayed super hard that I would be able to work the following day.  The morning came and I felt pretty good.  In our weekly plans we had something planned to teach ****.  But as I was leading our studies, I had a prompting to change what we were going to study to the pre-earth life and life after death sections from Preach My Gospel.  So we did just that.  As we were studying Alma 40:11-12 popped into my head.  So I asked my companion (Elder Casey for the day) if we could read it together.  As we were reading, verse 11 really stuck out to me and I felt like ***** would really like it, so we planned for that.

Now *****is a single old lady that lives alone and rule as a missionary is that you can't go inside a home of a woman if you don't have another person that is a mate with you.  (Usually a member.)  Well, I had been calling member after member that day and no one could come with us.  So I called her up and said that we were still coming but we couldn't go inside her house. When we got there, she said that it was to cold to sit outside.  So she said, "You know what, I need to runs some errands, why don't' you meet me at this shopping center and we will go from there."  I turned to Elder Casey and we thought it was alright.  So we met ***** there and she said, "Ehh, it's still too cold.  Can we go inside that Wendy's over there?"  I questioned the idea for a second but it seemed okay.  Granted I was doubting that the spirit would be very powerful there.  Silly me!!!! We opened with a prayer and started following up.  The week before we had left a talk with her to read.  We asked he how she liked it and she said she didn't have time to read it.  So I asked her what was going on and she said that two of her aunts had died.  We shared Alma 40:11-19 and talked about where her aunts were.  She was really intrigued by this and I know that the Lord prepared us for that lesson.  Plus the Spirit was super strong a Wendys!!!

This just strengthens my testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost  and God micro-managing the work.  Plus she told us at the end of the lesson the it was exactly what she needed and that it was beautiful.

Okay back to things with my back.  As far as what I think should be done; I have an MRI on Friday and an appointment at the beginning of next week.  I feel like I will make my decision after that follow up appt.  I will have Sister "R" keep you informed.  I feel like things are finally moving along.

As for a Christmas list, I would just like the CTR ring that I requested and maybe some ties that aren’t striped.  Preferably paisley.  I don’t really need anything.  I just would really like the CTR ring.  I love you all so much and grateful to have you in my lives.

Elder Davis

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