Tuesday, December 30, 2014


   This is kind of weird emailing you because I feel like I just talked to you, but at the same time, I feel like it's been forever.

    I am feeling pretty good actually. I feel almost completely back to normal and I feel like the z-pack actually helped quite a bit. I don't think the bronchitis is completely gone but I think it is for the most part.  I am doing pretty good.

   We actually were able to get out a lot this week but nobody was home because of Christmas.  But it was a good week. We were able to see Josefina and had a pretty good lesson with her so that was pretty good.

   Christmas day was pretty nice. We had a pretty good breakfast with some members, then we went to the Shaw's and I got to talk to my beast of a family!  Then we had lunch with the Shaw's.  Then we weekly planned and then we went to dinner with the Mecate's and that was nice. Then we went out caroling for the remainder of the evening and that was pretty much it.  Since then we have been just trying to see people like normal.

   For New Years Eve we don't have much planned. We are going to go help at the food bank again that morning  and then there is a member that we are pretty good friends with that's leaving to go to Utah for school, so she's taking us out to dinner that night. Then we have to be in the house at 6.  But it will be alright.

   I have to agree that it is pretty mind blowing that there are only 2 days left of 2014!!!  Holy Poop!

   I have been really fighting trying to think about when the time comes that I will come home and all that, but I've learned on my mission that it's better to "work with the end in mind." Yeah sure I'm gonna be excited that I'm coming home and I'll be ready for it, but I'll still wanna work hard and get things done so I don't waste my time, other people's money and most importantly, the Lord's time.  I've learned from some of my mission friends that if you spend too much time trying not to be "trunky" that it makes it worse and you just drive yourself crazy and end up even more trunky.  So that's my motive and I am confident that it will work.

   Things with Elder Shoup are going great.  My relationship with him is pretty much like any of my other companions. We get along pretty well and we both want to get work done and all that. He's just a little quiet and not that emotional.   So you can imagine that we get along pretty well.  Haha!  He's got a really big heart though and he and I have had some pretty good talks.  His mission has always been kind of like mine so we relate to each other pretty well.  Our relationship with the other Elders is pretty good as well.

   As far as the clothing comments I made, I just meant that some stuff died but I am totally fine and will be golden for the rest of my mission.  I would like some sweats though.  As far as sweaters, maybe one more might be good because I only have two and one is just a vest and doesn't do much for me.  I didn't think I would actually get cold on my mission but here I am...   Other than that, I don't really need anything. :)  I think I am doing great besides that.

   You know what, I thought that talking to everyone would make me homesick and all that this time, but it actually didn't. That still has never ceased to amaze me for my entire mission. I just hope I can make it 6 more months without getting homesick or short timer syndrome.

   And please do not worry about the whole room thing. (During our Skype he asked to see his bedroom and we had to break it to him that Jonah was using it until he got home.) I noticed that you were a little worried about it but I want you to know that everything is fine and it actually didn't bother me at all.  It seems like it was pretty convenient for everyone so that's all that matters. :) So please don't feel bad or anything. :)

   Anyway, our email time is really messed up today so I have to go for now.  Know that I love you and I am thankful for all that you have done for me. You are the best and I look forward to chillin', messin' up some zombies and having those deep spiritual convo's that you know we're gonna have.

   Love you!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

Taylor opening his gifts on Christmas morning.  He said other than the watch his companion gave him, the ties were his favorite gift.  He said he looks like a little kid in the pictures because the ties made him cry.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


  Hey there, what's crackin?  So sounds like things are going well over there.  My week wasn't super great because Elder Shoup and I got sick... and have been sick since Wednesday, which happened to be the day of zone conference.

   But it's ok because zone conference was actually really good! We had Elder Nielson of the 70 with us and it was actually a really good meeting.  We talked a lot about going back to the basics and I have been trying to do that for a while so that was kind of nice.

   The best part of it was easily the spirit that was felt there. It is incredible how much more I can feel the spirit in places like that.

   I learned that you have to be good at the small and simple things before you can be good at the big ones.

   The drive was okay. Our legs were super sore after sitting for so long but overall, it was worth it.  

   Unfortunately we were not able to do much this week because we both got super sick and are finally recovering.  I talked to Sis Schmitt and she had me go to the doctor.  I am picking up a Z-pack today to get better.  (I might have Bronchitis.) I have a sore throat, runny nose, congestion, deadly cough, head ache and I had a fever a couple days ago.  I don't think it's anything with being cold though. The doctor said it was probably just something viral.  The valley isn't too much colder than everywhere else, which is nice.  Plus I have plenty of warm stuff.  :)  But I have had some some good studies while I've been sick. :)

   It really is crazy how fast this year has gone! I can't believe that a year and a half ago I was just starting my mission! That just blows my mind.  I feel super old (as a missionary) when I tell people that this is my second Christmas away from home and I have already had 2 birthdays in the mission.  It really has been a good experience and I am glad that I still have 200 days left.  This week has been a bit of a disappointment because we have been sick all week and have not really seen anyone. :( But that just means that this coming week is going to be insanely awesome! We're going to baptize the world and set it on fire!

    So our plans for Christmas Eve are helping with a food bank in the morning, and dinner with a member, then caroling! Our plans for Christmas are pretty cool.  We're having breakfast with members, then we're going to another member's house to call home! :)  Then we're having lunch with them, then we're going to help feed the homeless and then have dinner with someone else.  Then we're going to probably go caroling. :) So it should be a good day.

    So were the letters to the families okay??   I think you should show the new nativity video instead of the he is the gift. You can just go to YouTube and type in Piano Guys Nativity and should find it. Plus it's a perfect opener for the he is the gift video.  :)

    So I am going to be calling around 10 o'clock here so whatever time it will be there, around that time.  I will have about 40-45 minutes so be ready! :)

    I can't believe Christmas is such a short time away!!  It has really come and snuck up on me fast.  I hope that your gifts will make it to you in time but it looks like they will make it after Christmas.

   I haven't gotten any mail since the 12 days of Christmas package but I should get the rest tomorrow.  :)  

   Other than that, I am super excited for everything. I love you and hope you enjoy this email. :) I love you and am grateful for all the things you do for me each day. I thank you for giving me life and helping me know what the gospel is.  I am not sure what to say other than I love and appreciate everything you do for me. I am so glad for your example and everything you have taught me. I sure did enjoy home teaching the Higbee's. Make sure to give them and the Randall's my love.

   I love you and can't wait to talk to you on Thursday! :)  I will talk to you soon. :)  Love ya!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

Thursday, December 18, 2014

   As I thought about what I would send Taylor for Christmas this year, I  tried to think of something meaningful, that would help him feel the love and support of those who mean so much to him. Worldly things have never had much meaning to Taylor and I truly don’t know that they ever will.
  As I pondered what would express this to him, I found myself missing his smiling face at the sacrament table. I thought of him blessing the sacrament. I thought of the example he is to me, of all that is good and true. I thought of all the men who have influenced his life and helped mold him into the man he is.
   A few days later, I was sitting in sacrament meeting. I once again, noticed the 1st counselor in our bishopric (Jeff Perry's) tie. (I swear every week I think, "He/his wife have good taste! I bet Taylor would love that tie!") That's when the thought came to me, "What if I collected a few ties from people who mean a lot to Taylor." And from there the idea snowballed. I put out word to his grandparents, cousins, YM leaders and a few dear friends, asking for a tie from their closet. I also asked that they attach a favorite Christmas Memory, missionary moment, a Christmas thought/quote, Christmas scripture, or why the tie had special meaning to them.
   The very next day I was blessed with a tender mercy. Apparently I wasn't the only mom who had this idea. I found an amazing poem online to go with these ties.
    I wept many tears as I put the finishing touches on this Christmas gift for Elder Davis. I am humbled by the love shown to this sweet boy and to our family through those who made this gift possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing your love with us! This gift will mean so much to him!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 So you are never going to guess where I am right now......  Got a guess?  Well guess what? I am in the Imperial Valley!!!!!  About 100 miles outside of San Diego.  It has been quite the change to say the least.  I have to say that I am happy though.  

   My companion's name is Elder Shoup and he is a really good guy.   Elder Shoup has been out for about 10 months and he is from Texas.  We are in a car and we live with two other Elders  so that is kind of fun to have that again.  It's kind of super weird though because I am in an English ward........ What the heck?  But our ward has Spanish translation so thank goodness I am still teaching in Spanish.  Phew!!!  Other than that, I can't think of much to report. 

   We are super rushed today because we have like no time to email because the computers weren't working earlier. But at least I get to email for like 10 more minutes. :) 

    After transfer meeting we drove for two hours out to my new area and that was fun in itself.  We even get to make that 2 hour trip four more times this week!  Twice for tomorrow for zone conference and twice for the Christmas party.  So that should be fun.  

    As far as my responsibilities in this area, I am just a regular missionary. It's kind of nice so far.  But I will miss the perks that come with being District leader.  Right now we are a district of 6 and we are pure Elders.  Everyone says the Valley is super awesome and a great place to serve so I am pretty pumped. They have also said that I will probably finish my mission here since everyone here stays here forever.

    As far as disobedience goes, yeah things like that are common in most missions. It happened here a while ago. The Valley used to be a place where they would send all of the disobedient missionaries.  But it has since changed and is now just another area in the mission where everyone wants to go.   Elder Shoup and I both agree that we are going to be exactly obedient and work hard.  So we'll see how well that goes.

    Things are pretty interesting out here.  We don't have many investigators yet but we do have a dude named Rafael that we saw last night and we have a lady named Josefina who is the mother of a super solid member of ours. We have done a lot of service this week though and that has been fun. We helped a member put up her Christmas lights, swept an old lady's house and we are going to help set up for a garage sell today. 

   Looks like everything is going well back home.  How is Beechop??? 

   I  did get both packages you sent.  :)  Our apartment is decorated and I am feeling the Christmas spirit and am super pumped for Christmas! I will be sure to actually take some pictures this week so you can see the greatness of the valley!!!!!!!!!!!

   I can't believe that Christmas is so soon!! It has been hard because I have been thinking of what I can send home for everybody and can't come up with anything. Mail is super sketch here.

   Don't really have any highlights from anything though. I am sure that will change tomorrow .  :)   I gotta go for now. :) I'll send a letter with more info tonight. :) 

   Know that I love you and appreciate everything that you do.  You will never know how much everything means to me.  :) 

   Love you!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



  So I am doing pretty good this week. Things have gone pretty well actually. It has been hard to feel the Christmas spirit but I am really feeling it lately! How cool it is to be a missionary serving around this time. With the "He is the Gift" initiative that the church is running, it has made it a lot easier to get people to open up and feel the Christmas spirit.

  The investigators are doing alright. Last night we had a pretty sick lesson with a Lady named Elba that we added. It was super sick because she said she knew we were sent by God, she felt the spirit and she wants to go to church this Sunday AND the temple to see the lights!! Super sick!! I sure hope that comes to pass and that she can progress really quickly. Especially if I get to stay another 6 weeks.    As for Josh, we aren't teaching him or Pam anymore. The other missionaries are since the ward split. But I am keeping tabs on both of them. Josh wants to know if the church is true but he hasn't got an answer yet. We think he is waiting for some big sign or event to happen before he can decide to be baptized. Josh and Francisco are still kind of just trucking along on the verge of being dropped, Yadira actually called us a few weeks ago and told us that she wouldn't be able to meet with us for a few weeks but that we could call in December so we will of course be doing that this week! Andres is doing really good though. He has been to church the past two weeks for all 2 and half hours! His mom brought him last week and his Grandma brought him this week. We saw him last night and he is doing great.

  Sad to hear that Bishop is doing so bad... I have been praying for him every night and I even fasted for him as well. Please make sure to tell he and his family that I love them and they are in my prayers!!

  Glad to hear that Dylan is doing better as well. It sounds like the family is finally growing up and learning to love each other like family. That makes me very happy that Auntie Julie and Colton and Shannon came down for the devotional. I have been praying very hard for them too. Could you send me their address so I can send them something?

  I did enjoy the Devotional. It was actually really good. The Church is doing a great job at helping others focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas this year!

  Pops - Thanks for what you shared about the devil being bound. It's actually kind of funny because that's actually the exact topic that we discussed in gospel Principles on Sunday so that was really cool.

  For Christmas, we do not have plans yet as it is still pretty far away. But we have gotten a couple soft invitations and of course we will be calling home so that will be cool. As far as a time, I am clueless right now but I will know next week.

  The calendar has actually been really nice. It has brought a great spirit into my studies and I am so grateful for that. Thank you so much! I can't express how much it means that you always go way above and way beyond to make sure I feel special. You're the best Momma!

  We were hanging on the edge of our seats for transfer calls! So we just got calls.............. I am getting transferred.... It will be hard to leave here because it's like home now... but I am super pumped to see where I'll go now! I'll find out where I'm going tomorrow.

  Know that I love you and that you are awesome!!! I am so grateful for everything that you do for us boys. I hope this week bodes well for you and that you enjoy it and feel the Christmas spirit!!

  Elder Taylor C. Davis

Tuesday, December 2, 2014



  It's good to hear that your Thanksgiving went so well and that you enjoyed it so much! Mine was pretty good too. We were invited to two families' homes and it was sooooo good! We had a lot of traditional foods like mashed potatoes, turkey, rolls and of course ham. What was a little different was what we had at our 2nd appointment... We had chicken chocolate mole.  It is actually normal and common to Latin culture but is a little odd for Thanksgiving. But, it was still delicious and we were definitely stuffed!! 

   The thing that I liked the most was oddly the ham. It was super delicious!!! We didn't do any manual labor type service but Elder Strong and I made brownies and took them out to a bunch of people that night as well.  

   I do have to say that we did enjoy our meal that you sent us! Holy moly are you creative!! I almost thought it was a real turkey wrapped up!  I made sure to take some pictures.  :)

  I did get the Calendar. It is actually really nice and I am really enjoying it so far.  So thank you very much!  Thank you for being so on the ball and I could never thank you enough for all that you do!!
   What the Poopsicle it's December!!!!!!!!! I am glad to hear that you are already getting into the Christmas spirit. I am trying to do so over here but it's been kind of hard. But it is coming a long a lot better now. It being December helps a little.  
   Not much to report on the investigator front for this week. We haven't been able to see a lot of investigators due to the thanksgiving break.  But we have had a lot of luck with other people! Josh is doing well.  He still wants to find out if the church is true and he says he'll get dunked when he does. He just needs to get that answer.  Yadira is doing alright. She has been super busy so we haven't been able to see her, but she says she might be free next week.  Pam, one our investigators from a while back has a baptismal date though!! She also said she'd commit to coming to church! SICK!!!  The branch is actually doing pretty good.  All the auxiliary leaders have been called and set apart and things are moving quick. Every Thursday the leaders come out with us and we visit less actives. It's been pretty cool.
  The companionship is as good as ever.  I really do love Elder Strong and I am kind of sad but I feel like I will be transferred next week. I have really enjoyed our time together as companions and he's a good kid.  As far as Elder Strong goes, I am not ready to move on from him. But I think I'm ready to move on from Chula Vista. I have been here for a while and I have learned a lot here. I am glad that I have been here so long and experienced so many great things here. I am very confident that he is going to rock it after I'm gone. He is a beast and already is doing a lot. He came to me almost perfect.  But yes, transfers are next week. I am feeling like my days of Chula are over. *tear* But I know that wherever I go next will be where I need to be.

   We still are cooking a lot.  We have been trying to keep the apartment clean as well and that has been tough since we've been so busy but somehow we are managing to do it. Thank you so much for helping me gain a need and desire for cleanliness!!

   I am sorry to hear about Dan.  He means the world to me and I am really worried about him.  I will be sure and pray for him!
   That's about it for now. I'll send you some pictures! Love you!!!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis