Wednesday, December 10, 2014



  So I am doing pretty good this week. Things have gone pretty well actually. It has been hard to feel the Christmas spirit but I am really feeling it lately! How cool it is to be a missionary serving around this time. With the "He is the Gift" initiative that the church is running, it has made it a lot easier to get people to open up and feel the Christmas spirit.

  The investigators are doing alright. Last night we had a pretty sick lesson with a Lady named Elba that we added. It was super sick because she said she knew we were sent by God, she felt the spirit and she wants to go to church this Sunday AND the temple to see the lights!! Super sick!! I sure hope that comes to pass and that she can progress really quickly. Especially if I get to stay another 6 weeks.    As for Josh, we aren't teaching him or Pam anymore. The other missionaries are since the ward split. But I am keeping tabs on both of them. Josh wants to know if the church is true but he hasn't got an answer yet. We think he is waiting for some big sign or event to happen before he can decide to be baptized. Josh and Francisco are still kind of just trucking along on the verge of being dropped, Yadira actually called us a few weeks ago and told us that she wouldn't be able to meet with us for a few weeks but that we could call in December so we will of course be doing that this week! Andres is doing really good though. He has been to church the past two weeks for all 2 and half hours! His mom brought him last week and his Grandma brought him this week. We saw him last night and he is doing great.

  Sad to hear that Bishop is doing so bad... I have been praying for him every night and I even fasted for him as well. Please make sure to tell he and his family that I love them and they are in my prayers!!

  Glad to hear that Dylan is doing better as well. It sounds like the family is finally growing up and learning to love each other like family. That makes me very happy that Auntie Julie and Colton and Shannon came down for the devotional. I have been praying very hard for them too. Could you send me their address so I can send them something?

  I did enjoy the Devotional. It was actually really good. The Church is doing a great job at helping others focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas this year!

  Pops - Thanks for what you shared about the devil being bound. It's actually kind of funny because that's actually the exact topic that we discussed in gospel Principles on Sunday so that was really cool.

  For Christmas, we do not have plans yet as it is still pretty far away. But we have gotten a couple soft invitations and of course we will be calling home so that will be cool. As far as a time, I am clueless right now but I will know next week.

  The calendar has actually been really nice. It has brought a great spirit into my studies and I am so grateful for that. Thank you so much! I can't express how much it means that you always go way above and way beyond to make sure I feel special. You're the best Momma!

  We were hanging on the edge of our seats for transfer calls! So we just got calls.............. I am getting transferred.... It will be hard to leave here because it's like home now... but I am super pumped to see where I'll go now! I'll find out where I'm going tomorrow.

  Know that I love you and that you are awesome!!! I am so grateful for everything that you do for us boys. I hope this week bodes well for you and that you enjoy it and feel the Christmas spirit!!

  Elder Taylor C. Davis

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