Tuesday, December 2, 2014



  It's good to hear that your Thanksgiving went so well and that you enjoyed it so much! Mine was pretty good too. We were invited to two families' homes and it was sooooo good! We had a lot of traditional foods like mashed potatoes, turkey, rolls and of course ham. What was a little different was what we had at our 2nd appointment... We had chicken chocolate mole.  It is actually normal and common to Latin culture but is a little odd for Thanksgiving. But, it was still delicious and we were definitely stuffed!! 

   The thing that I liked the most was oddly the ham. It was super delicious!!! We didn't do any manual labor type service but Elder Strong and I made brownies and took them out to a bunch of people that night as well.  

   I do have to say that we did enjoy our meal that you sent us! Holy moly are you creative!! I almost thought it was a real turkey wrapped up!  I made sure to take some pictures.  :)

  I did get the Calendar. It is actually really nice and I am really enjoying it so far.  So thank you very much!  Thank you for being so on the ball and I could never thank you enough for all that you do!!
   What the Poopsicle it's December!!!!!!!!! I am glad to hear that you are already getting into the Christmas spirit. I am trying to do so over here but it's been kind of hard. But it is coming a long a lot better now. It being December helps a little.  
   Not much to report on the investigator front for this week. We haven't been able to see a lot of investigators due to the thanksgiving break.  But we have had a lot of luck with other people! Josh is doing well.  He still wants to find out if the church is true and he says he'll get dunked when he does. He just needs to get that answer.  Yadira is doing alright. She has been super busy so we haven't been able to see her, but she says she might be free next week.  Pam, one our investigators from a while back has a baptismal date though!! She also said she'd commit to coming to church! SICK!!!  The branch is actually doing pretty good.  All the auxiliary leaders have been called and set apart and things are moving quick. Every Thursday the leaders come out with us and we visit less actives. It's been pretty cool.
  The companionship is as good as ever.  I really do love Elder Strong and I am kind of sad but I feel like I will be transferred next week. I have really enjoyed our time together as companions and he's a good kid.  As far as Elder Strong goes, I am not ready to move on from him. But I think I'm ready to move on from Chula Vista. I have been here for a while and I have learned a lot here. I am glad that I have been here so long and experienced so many great things here. I am very confident that he is going to rock it after I'm gone. He is a beast and already is doing a lot. He came to me almost perfect.  But yes, transfers are next week. I am feeling like my days of Chula are over. *tear* But I know that wherever I go next will be where I need to be.

   We still are cooking a lot.  We have been trying to keep the apartment clean as well and that has been tough since we've been so busy but somehow we are managing to do it. Thank you so much for helping me gain a need and desire for cleanliness!!

   I am sorry to hear about Dan.  He means the world to me and I am really worried about him.  I will be sure and pray for him!
   That's about it for now. I'll send you some pictures! Love you!!!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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