Tuesday, December 30, 2014


   This is kind of weird emailing you because I feel like I just talked to you, but at the same time, I feel like it's been forever.

    I am feeling pretty good actually. I feel almost completely back to normal and I feel like the z-pack actually helped quite a bit. I don't think the bronchitis is completely gone but I think it is for the most part.  I am doing pretty good.

   We actually were able to get out a lot this week but nobody was home because of Christmas.  But it was a good week. We were able to see Josefina and had a pretty good lesson with her so that was pretty good.

   Christmas day was pretty nice. We had a pretty good breakfast with some members, then we went to the Shaw's and I got to talk to my beast of a family!  Then we had lunch with the Shaw's.  Then we weekly planned and then we went to dinner with the Mecate's and that was nice. Then we went out caroling for the remainder of the evening and that was pretty much it.  Since then we have been just trying to see people like normal.

   For New Years Eve we don't have much planned. We are going to go help at the food bank again that morning  and then there is a member that we are pretty good friends with that's leaving to go to Utah for school, so she's taking us out to dinner that night. Then we have to be in the house at 6.  But it will be alright.

   I have to agree that it is pretty mind blowing that there are only 2 days left of 2014!!!  Holy Poop!

   I have been really fighting trying to think about when the time comes that I will come home and all that, but I've learned on my mission that it's better to "work with the end in mind." Yeah sure I'm gonna be excited that I'm coming home and I'll be ready for it, but I'll still wanna work hard and get things done so I don't waste my time, other people's money and most importantly, the Lord's time.  I've learned from some of my mission friends that if you spend too much time trying not to be "trunky" that it makes it worse and you just drive yourself crazy and end up even more trunky.  So that's my motive and I am confident that it will work.

   Things with Elder Shoup are going great.  My relationship with him is pretty much like any of my other companions. We get along pretty well and we both want to get work done and all that. He's just a little quiet and not that emotional.   So you can imagine that we get along pretty well.  Haha!  He's got a really big heart though and he and I have had some pretty good talks.  His mission has always been kind of like mine so we relate to each other pretty well.  Our relationship with the other Elders is pretty good as well.

   As far as the clothing comments I made, I just meant that some stuff died but I am totally fine and will be golden for the rest of my mission.  I would like some sweats though.  As far as sweaters, maybe one more might be good because I only have two and one is just a vest and doesn't do much for me.  I didn't think I would actually get cold on my mission but here I am...   Other than that, I don't really need anything. :)  I think I am doing great besides that.

   You know what, I thought that talking to everyone would make me homesick and all that this time, but it actually didn't. That still has never ceased to amaze me for my entire mission. I just hope I can make it 6 more months without getting homesick or short timer syndrome.

   And please do not worry about the whole room thing. (During our Skype he asked to see his bedroom and we had to break it to him that Jonah was using it until he got home.) I noticed that you were a little worried about it but I want you to know that everything is fine and it actually didn't bother me at all.  It seems like it was pretty convenient for everyone so that's all that matters. :) So please don't feel bad or anything. :)

   Anyway, our email time is really messed up today so I have to go for now.  Know that I love you and I am thankful for all that you have done for me. You are the best and I look forward to chillin', messin' up some zombies and having those deep spiritual convo's that you know we're gonna have.

   Love you!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

Taylor opening his gifts on Christmas morning.  He said other than the watch his companion gave him, the ties were his favorite gift.  He said he looks like a little kid in the pictures because the ties made him cry.

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