Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 So you are never going to guess where I am right now......  Got a guess?  Well guess what? I am in the Imperial Valley!!!!!  About 100 miles outside of San Diego.  It has been quite the change to say the least.  I have to say that I am happy though.  

   My companion's name is Elder Shoup and he is a really good guy.   Elder Shoup has been out for about 10 months and he is from Texas.  We are in a car and we live with two other Elders  so that is kind of fun to have that again.  It's kind of super weird though because I am in an English ward........ What the heck?  But our ward has Spanish translation so thank goodness I am still teaching in Spanish.  Phew!!!  Other than that, I can't think of much to report. 

   We are super rushed today because we have like no time to email because the computers weren't working earlier. But at least I get to email for like 10 more minutes. :) 

    After transfer meeting we drove for two hours out to my new area and that was fun in itself.  We even get to make that 2 hour trip four more times this week!  Twice for tomorrow for zone conference and twice for the Christmas party.  So that should be fun.  

    As far as my responsibilities in this area, I am just a regular missionary. It's kind of nice so far.  But I will miss the perks that come with being District leader.  Right now we are a district of 6 and we are pure Elders.  Everyone says the Valley is super awesome and a great place to serve so I am pretty pumped. They have also said that I will probably finish my mission here since everyone here stays here forever.

    As far as disobedience goes, yeah things like that are common in most missions. It happened here a while ago. The Valley used to be a place where they would send all of the disobedient missionaries.  But it has since changed and is now just another area in the mission where everyone wants to go.   Elder Shoup and I both agree that we are going to be exactly obedient and work hard.  So we'll see how well that goes.

    Things are pretty interesting out here.  We don't have many investigators yet but we do have a dude named Rafael that we saw last night and we have a lady named Josefina who is the mother of a super solid member of ours. We have done a lot of service this week though and that has been fun. We helped a member put up her Christmas lights, swept an old lady's house and we are going to help set up for a garage sell today. 

   Looks like everything is going well back home.  How is Beechop??? 

   I  did get both packages you sent.  :)  Our apartment is decorated and I am feeling the Christmas spirit and am super pumped for Christmas! I will be sure to actually take some pictures this week so you can see the greatness of the valley!!!!!!!!!!!

   I can't believe that Christmas is so soon!! It has been hard because I have been thinking of what I can send home for everybody and can't come up with anything. Mail is super sketch here.

   Don't really have any highlights from anything though. I am sure that will change tomorrow .  :)   I gotta go for now. :) I'll send a letter with more info tonight. :) 

   Know that I love you and appreciate everything that you do.  You will never know how much everything means to me.  :) 

   Love you!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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