Thursday, December 18, 2014

   As I thought about what I would send Taylor for Christmas this year, I  tried to think of something meaningful, that would help him feel the love and support of those who mean so much to him. Worldly things have never had much meaning to Taylor and I truly don’t know that they ever will.
  As I pondered what would express this to him, I found myself missing his smiling face at the sacrament table. I thought of him blessing the sacrament. I thought of the example he is to me, of all that is good and true. I thought of all the men who have influenced his life and helped mold him into the man he is.
   A few days later, I was sitting in sacrament meeting. I once again, noticed the 1st counselor in our bishopric (Jeff Perry's) tie. (I swear every week I think, "He/his wife have good taste! I bet Taylor would love that tie!") That's when the thought came to me, "What if I collected a few ties from people who mean a lot to Taylor." And from there the idea snowballed. I put out word to his grandparents, cousins, YM leaders and a few dear friends, asking for a tie from their closet. I also asked that they attach a favorite Christmas Memory, missionary moment, a Christmas thought/quote, Christmas scripture, or why the tie had special meaning to them.
   The very next day I was blessed with a tender mercy. Apparently I wasn't the only mom who had this idea. I found an amazing poem online to go with these ties.
    I wept many tears as I put the finishing touches on this Christmas gift for Elder Davis. I am humbled by the love shown to this sweet boy and to our family through those who made this gift possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing your love with us! This gift will mean so much to him!

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