Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I just want you to know how much I appreciate how much you talk about missionary work and the Gospel.  I have really been making an effort to consecrate myself and by you doing that, it makes it a lot easier for me focus on the work in my emails and in my letters.  Thank you for praying for my investigators. It means a lot to me.
The reason why I can not use dropbox is because the only websites we are able to use at missionaries are lds.org, mormon.org, and myldsmail. So sorry that you set that up for me and I can't use it.
CONGRATS with things with the job!!! That is so awesome that you will be leaving that terrible situation and that you will be so much happier.  That makes me very happy and I super glad to hear that.  I have been praying that you guys back home will be blessed for your sacrifices. It makes me happy to know that you will much happier with work because I know how it has been very hard and tiring because of certain reasons.
As for missionary work, you are always in my prayers and I will continue to make sure to keep doing so.  I don't have suggestions really but I can tell you what I have learned.  Sometimes, okay a lot of the time we don't know if our thoughts are the Spirit or just our own thoughts and something I have learned is that if I have a thought to do something good, I just do it.  Over time when we have had the Spirit in our lives for a while, our thoughts start become like the Spirit. So, if you feel like you should do something that is good, just follow Nike's motto and "just do it".  The Lord will recognize your faith and will bless you in your efforts.  That's what I can think about right now. I will tell you a personal experience in my letter.
Thanks so much Pops for all you do. I love you and I want you to know that you are the Boss!
Elder Davis

Dear Mom,

Sorry that things have been so stressful lately!  It has been about the same for me.  I am doing alright. I feel like my back has gotten progressively worse in the past week or so and it is really bugging me not knowing what it is.  My companion has had to pretty much force me to stay in and rest because you know me, I always try to work even I know that I shouldn't. 
Sister "R" has been a big help and the doctor didn't do a very good job at diagnosing me correctly.  It is not even a surety that I have enlarged lymph nodes in my back.  That is just what he said he "thinks".  Yes my platelets are low and no they are not lower than normal.  And the "fungal infection" is on my arms and my neck. 
Sorry that the communication is so terrible. I still have yet to hear back from the doctor saying when my scans are.  I am going to call Sis. "R" after I am finished with emails.  I am really thinking that is either something that could be cured with steroids or the cancer. I actually had what I thought was a prompting to mention anabolic steroids to the doctor the next time I see him.  I have heard of stories with people that had cancer and back problems after and they were given steroids to heal them. 
All in all, I am still worried about cancer of course because it is getting worse even with me resting and what not.  I hope to figure out what it is this week so we can stop stressing so much.  I have thought about coming home to get it taken care of. Especially if it turns out to be cancer.  I got a blessing the other night and something that it said was, "You will finish your mission. Whether it be all here or now, your Father in Heaven does not see fit to tell you right now."  Whatever the outcome, I know that it is what needs to happen.

It's just been hard for me because I have been worried about being sent home and it has been hard to look through pictures and be reminded of home. Especially the pictures of me going through cancer.  I really don't want to leave this work but I almost feel like that is what is going to happen.  I want you to know that I do appreciate the pictures and the book of all the written notes from everyone.  I know it must have taken lots of work.  I have been trying really hard to not have thoughts about going home because I need to focus on the work right now. 
Onto happy things.... Ideas for Christmas presents.... I have no idea! I actually would like something  in a package or something. I was wondering, could you like not send me a package for a few weeks to save money and then send me a nice CTR ring with an Elder Davis style? That would be awesome!  I have no idea as to how the phone call will take place on Christmas. It is still pretty far away and we haven't got a lot of updates. All I know is that all the missionaries will be getting together for a party.  Not really any plans for Thanksgiving either.  The work is going great and we are doing well.
Oh and thank you so much for the packages!!! They were super cool and I will use them when I need them. Of course the candy always comes in handy too.  My 100th day was pretty good. We basically just studied a lot and what not. But we had some really good studies and it was great.  Halloween was the same day and nothing went bad, so that was nice too.

I am doing okay. The Lord and my friends here are really helping me out.

I appreciate all the prayers. I know that the Lord is allowing all this for a reason and I am learning a lot.  I have to go now but I hope you have a great week and I will have Sis. "R" keep you updated on things. Thanks for all you have done to help with the doctors! It's nice to have a Mom that knows what she's doing. I love you with all my heart.
Le amo con todo mi corazon! Usted es el mejor Mama en todo el mundo!
Con Amor,
Elder Davis

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