Sunday, November 24, 2013


So many people have been concerned about Taylor and want to know what they can do for him or us.  The only thing we can say is, "Pray."  Everything is in the Lord's hands and he will be the one to determine the outcome.

On Sunday our Bishop gave a brief update of Taylor's condition and asked the members of our ward to keep Taylor in their prayers...and they did.  In every meeting we attended, even in an evening planning meeting.  The members prayed for Elder Davis.

Not only the adults, but the youth (young men, young women and especially the Primary children) are always asking us how Taylor is doing.  We have heard countless stories of how little tiny children are praying for him.  The young man who is the usher for sacrament meeting never fails to ask how he is doing.  And we can feel his genuine concern for Taylor.  We are blessed to live an area where we can draw strength from our ward family and today we really felt that.  I cannot express the comfort we have felt through your prayers.

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