Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   Phew! Sounds like you have had quite the crazy week. I guess you could say that our week was pretty cray cray too. But it looks like you had a good time. It was good to see pics of everybody.  It looks like you and pops are both looking pretty skinny!! I hope that Jonah's break goes well and that you enjoy the time you have with him. He needs to stop growing up so dang fast!! I'm going to have to pummel him into the ground again when I get back so he's not so tall! 

    I am not looking forward to having a crapple Ipood anytime soon but at the same time, I am. Apple aside, it will help us out a TON and make things SO much easier.  From what I have heard, we should get them around December. I have also heard that the missionaries that have been out for a while will not have to pay for them since it was introduced way after they started their missions.  So hopefully those rumors are true.

   About my back and my "flare ups", I actually haven't had any problems with either. Of course my back bugs me here and there but not enough to immobilize me like it once did. My stomach/ "shpleeen" has been about the same.  I have a had a couple of days that it has really bothered me but I have always been able to deal with it and still go out and teach. Thanks to the power of God and prayer that is.

    So this week was pretty interesting. Elder Strong and I ended up with a part of the branch that is mostly less active members and a couple really solid members.  That being said, we are super stoked to start this area fresh and add the world! Baptisms for dayz!!! We have already got a few families to come back to church and are trying really hard to get them to church.
     It has been hard saying goodbye to the members and investigators that we used to see a lot though. Especially Francisco, Pam, the Perez family (the family that threw me a birthday party), and even Josh tonight.  But we know that only good things will come from it and that they will progress better than when we saw them.  Saying goodbye to Francisco and the Perez family was really hard. I almost cried both times. But I know that everything is happening for a reason and that it will all turn out. It really becomes hard when you've been in an area for long and grow to love the people so much and then it's time to move on. But all will work out. :)  Not much more to report. Other than we are in a sick branch now and I am pumped to see what happens with everything. I actually worked with the Branch President before in my last area so we are already friends. That definitely helps out a lot. So yeah not too much to report. Just been trying to organize the district's new areas and this week should be sick!
   I am glad that you got your letter and I hope you aren't disappointed with it. There should be something else in the mail for you as well but I don't know if it will make it there before your birthday. P-day was crazy nuts last week and I barely had any time to do anything. But it's okay because I was able to do something. :)
   I am actually loving the new razor!!!!! It's way better than my old razor and I don't think I'll have to charge it for like a month or so.  It sure beats anything I've used before.

   Yeah so these pics were taken with our bishop before the split. It was pretty much our "farewell" for him because he is acutally an english attending member so we won't be able to see him anymore. He is super funny though and we wanted to take a silly pic.

    It has been crazy to see everything fly by so quickly!! Next week we wil find out if I'm being transferred or not. Yeah I know what you're thinking.... Already! Yep. It has already been almost 6 weeks since I started my journey with Elder Strong.  I am not sure what will happen because he still has 6 more weeks of training and I would like to be the one to finish it, but who knows. I have been in this stake for 9 months so anything could happen. I really don't want to change because I love this area and the people so much. Especially Elder Strong. He is a beast!!! But that fact in mind just makes me think that it will be reasons that I am bound to change. But whatevs. I'll go wherever he wants me to go. :)
    Mom, I hope that your birthday goes well this week and that you get your gift soon!!! Thank you for making me into the man/missionary that I am.  :) You definitely have a giant role in everything I am!  Love you!!!

    Thanks for all you do for me Pops. I sure do love you. I hope this weeek is full of fun and love and excitement. I hope you enjoy the temple and that everything goes well with Mom's birthday.


     Elder Taylor C. Davis

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