Monday, September 30, 2013


Dear Mom,

You will be happy to know that I have finally received my birthday package!  Thank you so much!  I love the scripture case, the scripture marking pen, sunglasses and all!  I am super grateful and am happy to let you know that they finally got here.  What happened was my package for left in the wrong zone area so it got sent to the wrong place and it took a while to get to me.

Today we had some fun.  We (my companion and I) and another set of missionaries all went out to Fillipi's for lunch to celebrate the big day!  today marks the day of being cancer free for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

It was awesome and then afterwards, we had a big zone BBQ and ate food and what not.  It was a pretty fun day.  I also got the sick tie and letter that you sent.  Thank you so much.  I am super grateful for all the things that were in my B-day package and the others as well because I needed it all! 

Gracias por todo mama!

Elder Davis


Estoy muy bien! Estoy aprendiendo much.  I really appreciate all of your letters and am glad to know that you are still having so much fun together.  I am adjusting to the work well.  I feel like I could be better of course, But I am doing all that I can. 
The favorite part of my day is either when I'm out teaching or night time just before bed.  My companion and I both just cook for ourselves or the occasional time will happen that we will cook for each other.  We really don't make a lot of food because the members and people in the area feed us pretty well.

That's so cool to hear that you and mom went to the temple and had that experience.  I am glad I have you two as parents to raise me and be such good examples.  I am happy for you that you are receiving such good revelation and having such good experiences in the temple.  I actually get to go to the temple on Oct. *** and I am super excited.

I love you Pops and I am super grateful that you are able to write me and for the relationship that we have.  I pray for you daily.  Thanks again for everything!

Elder Davis

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