Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Taylor has had a very limited amount of time to email home while at the MTC.  Factor in that he is "male" and also "A man of few words" and it's easy to understand why I haven't gotten a ton of details about the MTC.  However, I have had the pleasure of reading blogs from a few elders and sisters who were in his district.  This evening I came across this post from a sister in his district.

"Possibly the sweetest goodbye happened this morning (Monday, September 1.)  Hermana Taufoou´s companion, Hermana Watkins (who is going to Arizona on her mission) left at 3 am this morning. Hermana Broadhead and I spent the night in their casa so we could spend more time with Hermana Watkins and also so we could be Herman Taufoou´s companions after Hermana Watkins left. We decided last night that we were all going to get up at 2:30 with Herman Watkins and walk her to meet the bus, and so we did. But as we were walking to meet the bus, Hermana Broadhead suddenly looked back into the dark street and said, "Is that our district?"

We all looked back, and sure enough, there were Elders Edson, Davis, Wareham and Elowitt running toward us in shorts and T-shirts. None of them will leave until tomorrow and Wednesday. The only reason they got up so early was so they could be there for Hermana Watkins and tell her goodbye. This act of sacrifice and love really touched me. Most of the people in our district also wrote one another goodbye letters. My stack of letters is in my backpack. I will read them on the way to the airport. I have honestly had THE best district here, and I am so grateful to have met them all."

Yep, sounds like

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