Saturday, September 14, 2013


We received a letter from Taylor in the mail today.  It apologized that he wasn't able to email much on Pday and wanted us to know that it wasn't because he doesn't love us or something silly like that.  He said that the mission rules are strict about the time spent emailing and there is also a crazy amount of missionary work to be done.  He said there is so much to do that sometimes he and his companion barely have time to eat.

He also said that according to his mission president's rules, he is not able to give us the address to his apartment.  He said, "It is hard for me to only receive mail on Tuesdays but I know that as we follow that rule, we will be blessed even more."

He relayed his love and gratitude for us and told us not to worry or be sad!

His Dad and I both immediately sent him an email (which he won't receive until Pday) asking him not to  apologize or worry about us.  My husband said it best. 

I need to say please don’t feel that you need to apologize for anything.  The work you are doing there is most important.  If you have time update us that is great!  If you don’t, we will survive and wait until you are able to. You are under the care of our Heavenly Father and a mission president, doing the Lord’s work.  We know that you are being sufficiently looked after.  It will take time for us to adjust too.  So again, no more sorries or apologizing for things.  We would much rather your letters be spent talking about the things you are doing there and the people you are meeting and more about your companion and the other missionaries in your area, and your apartment, and things like that which will help bring us closer to you."

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