Sunday, September 29, 2013


Taylor's birthday was on the 7th, we mailed and tracked his birthday package and the post office showed it arrived at the mission office on the 7th.  Yet, every week Taylor's email state that he still hasn't received it.

Shortly after receiving Taylor's email today I received an email from one of the Sister Missionaries at the California San Diego the mission office.

It read,

Dear Sister Davis,
I have solved the mystery of the lost package.  It was inadvertently put in the wrong zone and brought back today.  I will make sure it is delivered to him.  With 250 missionaries it is not uncommon to send something to the wrong zone.  Thank you for your patience. 
Sister H
I emailed back and inquired if Taylor would receive his package today or if he would have to wait an additional week for it to be delivered.  (Since mail is only distributed on Tuesdays.)  Sister H replied back, stating that the mail had already been delivered for this week.  But said she and her husband would be willing to take it to him that evening.  I responded, letting her know that was not necessary.
Three days later, I was sick and in bed and also feeling sorry for myself.  I was watching the Relief Society Broadcast from last night.  Pres. Monson gave a talk and relayed a story about how sometimes the Lord sends answers to our prayers and lets us know that he loves is in the most unexpected ways.  Feeling down, physically ill and missing my missionary I opened my email.  In it I found this email,

Dear Sister Davis,
I am sorry I was not able to get back to you sooner.  I wanted you to know that I delivered the package to your son on Tuesday afternoon.  He looked well and happy and was grateful for the package.  If you have further concerns or anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to call.  I would be happy to help you.
Sister H
I was very humbled and reduced to tears.  I know that the Lord loves me.  He knows my heart and he knows my needs.  He sent Sis. H.  to my son, to let me know that he is mindful of me. 


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