Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Dear Mother,
    I am glad to know that you got my letter and that it helped you feel better. I will try to keep my letters more informative so that you can keep feeling that way.  I love you so much.
     As for the greenie package, yes I got the cookies and they were and are still DELICIOUS! Great idea with the Pringle's container!  I still haven't gotten my birthday package.  I should receive my other packages today when I get the mail in a couple hours.
    I also thought it was cool that Jessica knew the member here and that I know Derek as well, cuz the elders and sisters talk about them sometimes. Pretty cool.
To answer your questions:
1.  I actually have no idea where we will watch conference.

2.  Yes we can eat out whenever as long as we save our money and keep it within our schedule so we don't waste time. We actually eat a lot with members though.  We have just the usual places around to eat:  McD's, In N' Out, Taco Bell, Fillipies, stuff like that.

3.  I have not received any letters, emails or packages from anyone in our ward, except for the Floyd's.

5.  All my clothes and stuff are actually holding up really well! I have a rip in a pair of pants and a shirt, but a member has offered to sew them up for me.  :)  I don't know how my pants got ripped but my shirt got ripped by accident, standing up and scraping it on the table.

6.  The labels are holding up well too.

7.  Could you send me a few of my "Team Taylor" wristbands?  I would like both sizes please. And maybe my black Nike's?  The color on the Nike symbol is like a grey with a thin red stitch I think. They are my most recent Nike's and I would like them cuz I don't want to wear the same shoes all the time for work outs and what not.

8.  Yes I can listen to music. If I sent my MP3 player home, could you put more music that you and Pops think wouldn't drive away the spirit?  My Mp3 player does not have a memory card slot, it's only a USB so I can't do anything to fix that other than send it home.

9.  Saturdays are just a normal day for me. They aren't any different than Monday-Friday.

10.  Sundays are full of meetings and studying.

11. Other than the language, I feel like I am doing very well with the mission. I feel like I am prepared and that I did a lot to make it here.

12.  On p-days, besides laundry and what not, I spend a lot of time writing letters and we do activities with our zone and what not. Today we are actually having a bbq. And then after that we go out and have appointments and what not.

13. I can go to the temple every 90 days. I actually get to go on Oct **!!  :)
Thanks so much Mom for all you do! I love you more than you know!
Love your son,
Elder Davis

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