Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My Companion is from Costa Rica. He is actually tri-lingual. He's awesome and he is teaching me a lot. I have not received any packages other than the package with my bedding in it yet. But that should change later today after the Zone Leaders dish out the mail. 
It is crazy down here because there is so much work to do and unfortunately, we live far away from the mission home. but we are working hard.
My health is good. I got a really bad cold last week but the Zone Leaders wouldn't let me go out and work until I was better so I rested up and I am feeling loads better now. I am remembering to take my medicine of course.
I am living well as far as food is concerned. Plus, the families down here are really nice and we are usually covered for dinner :) 
My birthday was really good. The other missionaries took us out and we got lunch and brought it back to the church so we could all eat together. I also got a card from the Claytons and a few calls from other missionaries.
Right now I have about 8 or so investigators and 2 of them are actually really close to being ready to be baptized. There is a lot of work to do down here. My Branch that we attend has less than 50 members so it needs a lot of work.
It's great to hear that things are going well with work. I am glad to hear that Jenny's new album is coming out soon. I actually wanted to ask if you could send a few Cd's cuz I wanted to give some to other missionaries.  Maybe "Called to Serve" and "Stand in Holy Places."  Maybe just send one CD per companionship so it's not too costly for you.
Also, could you please send that muscle rub , I have been having really bad back problems.

I will probably get all the packages and stuff later today.  I will focus my letters home more on what's going on so you guys can be more up to date.
I am working hard and doing what I can to live up to the title that Heavenly Father wants me too.  I will send pics as soon as I can. 
Thanks so much for you all do again Mother. You are the best Mom any missionary could ask for. I would eternally lost without you.
Te Amo con todo mi corazon,
Elder Davis
Thanks so much for your loving and very COOL email. It's good to know that things are going so well there and that you are so happy. I really do think and pray about you all every day.
OK, so to answer some of your questions, I live in a little run down upstairs apartment with just my companion. I will send pictures when I get it cleaned up a little more. We drive a really nice piece of Toyota because we have to go everywhere to Spanish people since we're in the states.
Every morning, we get up early and do workouts in the park with the other missionaries that live close by.  After that, we go back to the apartment and shower and then have studies for a few hours. Then, we go out to our appointments and teach. 
We have not had a baptism yet but we are working really hard and we might have a date set by the end of the week.
Thanks so much for the updates about sports as well. They have really helped me a lot and I enjoy them so I can still be a fan, haha.
Thanks for all you do Pops. I love hearing about your experiences and how you are doing. I look up to you and thank you for your example to me.  I really love you and will actually have a lot more time to write actual letters now so I will continue to do that.
I love you so much and miss you,
Elder Davis

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