Monday, September 23, 2013


I have now received the "Greenie Package" that you sent me.  Thank you so much for it, the letters, the recipes and of course the picture of Nana.

I am doing well. Wondering where the birthday package you talked about is, but oh well. 

Things are going really well here.  I am learning a lot, teaching a lot and praying a lot.  I have to admit that I have been struggling a lot with the language.  The people here speak super fast so it is really hard for me to understand them.  That being said, it makes it that much harder to teach because I want to help them so bad but I can't understand what is going on so it's hard for me.  But I am working hard and trusting in the Lord. 

I have had some miracles lately though.  I noticed that when I speak, I actually can speak the language well, but it's the understanding that is the hard part.  The other night, my companion volunteered me to give a girl a blessing in Spanish.  I'm not going to lie, I was scared out my mind.  But I trusted in the Lord and was really a vessel and Heavenly Father spoke through me.  I know for a fact that I did not give that blessing.  I said things that I didn't even understand as they came out of my mouth.  But I know that what was said, was needed and I'm glad that I could be the catalyst for that blessing.  It has made me want to work harder to know how to give blessings and perform ordinances in Spanish.

It also makes me really happy that Alma got baptized!  I shouted for joy at the computer when I read it in your email and everyone thought I was weird.  Please tell him how happy I am for him.

I will take and send pictures of my apartment as soon as I get it clean enough.  It's a little dinky apartment.  It has 2 rooms, one bath and a mini kitchen.  We both (my companion) and I sleep in the front room because it is the only room with air conditioning and it gets VERY hot there. 

We get up, exercise with other missionaries that live close, then we have personal study, companion study, then language study, then we have more studies.  Then we go out for our appointments.  The work here is pretty much a lot of member missionary work.  The president says this is a "No Proselyting" mission.  In other words, we don't knock doors.  I am loving the work because people are so nice here.  I am blessed to serve in the Spanish branch. 

This Sunday I was asked to bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting and it was cool because I said things that I have never said before. 

Ok, so more about my mission.  We live in the Poway area, but most of our work and appointments are in Mira Mesa and Penaquitos.  So with that, I am very glad that we are fortunate to have a car. 

It's actually funny that you sent me those recipes because the other night (before I received the recipes) I made my companion and I, "Glorified Hot Dogs".  They were delicious!  I took pictures and I will send them as soon as I can.

It is hard for me to not see all of you, hug you and to tell you all how much I love you each day.  So I hope and want you to know that if I could do so, I would do it in a heart beat.  I love you so much mom!  You are the greatest example in my life and I wish I could thank you enough for making me the man I am today.  Don't worry about me because I will be taken care of.

I also wanted to ask - The health lady here asked to have you have someone from PCMC talk to someone in San Diego.  I will need scans soon and I need to know when and where to go.

I love you  more than you know.  Stay strong in the gospel and remember why we are here.

Elder Davis

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