Thursday, October 31, 2013


Things always look better in the morning.  Or in this case, the afternoon!  Last night we asked the mission nurse to find out why the scans had not been performed and when they would take place.  She called this evening and said somewhere along the lines (due to so 3 doctors, Taylor and herself) being involved, that there had been some miscommunication. 

Taylor's platelets are low, but his platelets always run on the low side.  Same with his enlarged lymph nodes.  The fungal infection is common with missionaries serving in humid areas.  The scans were not run because the oncologist believed he was to run an MRI only and wasn't sure it needed to be done.  So that is why the CT didn't happen.

We are still not happy about the scans not being done, but are more at peace with the other things. 

Within a few minutes of receiving this information, we received an email containing a picture of Taylor's district.  It was taken by someone who was friends with a former missionary who served in the are where Taylor currently is.  She sent the picture to her friend, who then sent it to a friend, who sent it to a friend, who then sent it to us.  Taylor looks good.  Even like he may have gained some weight.  (Which would not be happening if the cancer was back.)

We know that the Lord is watching over us and our missionary son.  We know that he is mindful of what we can handle and that he sent these tender mercies to ease our minds this day.   

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