Tuesday, October 22, 2013


After receiving Taylor's email I was at a loss.  He saw a doctor but didn't tell me what the doctor said.  He wants me to have his records sent to the hospital.  What hospital?  I emailed him back hoping for a response, but didn't get one.  I put a call into Missionary Medical to see if perhaps they knew where I needed to have the records sent.  They called the nurse in Taylor's mission.  She then called me.  After speaking with me and hearing the info Taylor gave me, she laughed and said, "I better call your son, Sis. Davis and then call you back."  So she did. 

Apparently Taylor saw a doctor Monday.  He did an x-ray on Taylor's back and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.  He would like Taylor to see an oncologist next week.  Sis. "R" will get the appointments set up and let me know when they are.  I had already filed the correct releases with PCMC long ago so they can send whatever they need to wherever they need to and Sis "R" is working on that. 

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