Saturday, October 5, 2013



I am sorry to hear that you and Scoob were so sick.  I hope you are better by now and are happy and what not though!

It's sweet that the new CD is already selling so well!  I can't wait until the Spanish one comes out!  Please be sure to send a few down here for us Spanish missionaries! :) I want you to know that the sisters are very grateful for the CD's and they say thank you! It was awesome to be able to give those to them!

Glad to know things are okay with my scans but please keep me updated. 

Ok, now about investigators...Right now we have about 3 investigators.  The rest of the people that we teach are either lest active or members.  We are making some progress. 

One of our investigators is (name).  He is **** and lives in an apartment about **** minutes away.  He is so prepared and ready for the gospel.  He has come so far but we just have problems with him  *******.  We really hope we can change this this week and set up a baptismal date.  I know this guy will get baptized.  I hope I can get him there SOON.  He is ready and I know it.  We just need to see him again and extend the invitation.

Next one of our investigators is (name).  She is a really nice lady with an interesting situation.  She has (children) and a few family members that live with her that have been baptized and she is DEFINITELY ready for baptism.  The only problem is *****.  It's quite sad really.  But we have seen some real progress and ****** is being softened.  We've had many a powerful lesson and we have prayed hard and we both feel like she will be baptized at the end of next month.  We hope and pray it will happen. 

Our other investigator is (name). She is a lady that we have done service for a lot  and we feel like she is progressing really slowly.  My companion and I have decided we are going to give it all we've got this week/month and are asking everyone for help so please keep us in your prayers.  We really feel like we are going to have a baptism this week and we REALLY want it.

As for packages, I bet it is probably expensive and hard sometimes, so please don't send one every week.  I am perfectly fine with just a letter. :)

I love you with all my heart!

Elder Davis


I think it's great that you are having testimony building experiences and that you are able to share them with me.  Thanks for sharing that with me as well as the talk!  Me and my prideful self were feeling a little let down because my companion and I went down to the mission office today because it was our turn and I couldn't find any mail for me. (Pathetic I know!) But luckily I found your's amd Mom's letters so that was good.  Plus, it was just what I needed.  Thank you for it because it really lifted my spirits.

Pops, I want to thank you for your great example.  I've learned a lot from you.  Especially in the last few years.  I really look up to you for how often you go to the temple.  I hope to go to the temple frequently with you when I get back from my mission.  Thank you for your amazing example.  I miss you more than you could ever know.  I love you Pops!

Elder Davis

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