Wednesday, October 30, 2013


After receiving Taylor's last two emails, we have been worried.  We have planned to fast for him today ever since we found out about his testing.  As the day wore on yesterday, we felt like he needed a little more help than just our family of five could offer.  We notified our Bishop mid day about our concerns, but he didn't get the message until 8:30 p.m.  Within 30 minutes emails and phone calls went out and we were blessed with the love and support of the Harvest Hills 7th ward.

Taylor's appointment was set to happen mid morning.  Having gone through labs and scans with him more times than I care to count, I knew the process may take all day.  Shane and I decided if we hadn't heard from the mission nurse by 5:30 MST we would give her a call.  When we did, she didn't have any information.  She hadn't heard from Taylor so she said she would call him and call us back.

This is what we were told.  Taylor's platelets are low.  He has enlarged lymph nodes in his back which may be causing the pain and he has some sort of fungal infection.  Low platelets and enlarged lymph nodes are good signs that his cancer may have returned.  We were devastated! 

We were also told that the Dr. did not perform the MRI or the CT.  It wasn't clear as to why.

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