Tuesday, April 29, 2014


  I'M AN UNCLE!!!!!
  I am SUPER happy to hear that everything went well with the birth and that the babe is already such a champ.  More than anything I am glad to hear that she made it here and that she is doing well. I was super excited when Sister Riggs called me and told me the news.  I still am super pumped and it was basically the highlight of my week.
    What a blessing it really is to have another little baby in the family. I can't wait till I can hold her - after she is already 1 years old!!  Oh man that makes me so happy. I can't wait till the day when I can play with her and spoil her rotten. Plus she will already be walkin' and talkin' when I get home as well. Win, win!
   So for me, my week has been great. I already told you why of course, but it has been a good week to say the least.  The baptism for the zone leaders went well. L*** came! Plus I got to say a prayer for part of the program.  That was cool.  
   As for L***, he is doing very well. He is progressing so much and the gospel is changing his life.  To an insane extent.  He unfortunately did not pass his baptismal interview, so his baptismal date will be pushed back like a month.  But he has said he wants to work toward it and will do what it takes.  He is trying everything.  He will get there soon. He just needs time. :) So that is super cool.  
  The Temple was AMAZING!! We went to the 1 o'clock session and saw the new new video. It was super cool and it felt like the first time I'd been there in a while. Not to mention that the Celestial room is amazing!!!  
  For helping hands it wasn't that big of a deal. We just helped fix up a high school. Elder Nickel and I helped paint a fence that went around the school. It was pretty cool.
  Other than that, not much to report. Except for a pretty cool miracle!!! So we got an updated ward list and we were going around contacting all of the members in our area and guess what!? We went to go contact a less active ladies house and she wasn't there.  :(  But guess who was?... A former member of the church that had been excommunicated. Well, we struck up conversation and at first she said that she was not interested.  But we kept talking and later she said that she knows that us coming by was a sign and that she would be open to us coming by and her telling us the story and everything. SUPER COOL!
   I was thinking I would probably like a black or a khaki color messenger bag. If you could send me pictures of some so I can see what is out there, that'll work.  :)   

   Studying the past conference talks has been amazing.  I have really enjoyed studying the past conference and even the conference from last October. I really LOVE Edward Dube's talk and it has really been super cool and helped me a lot.  I have decided that the theme of my mission right now is as follows.... Rise Up and Just DO It.  Yes, of course I have put a Nike swoosh to perfect it as well. I will have to send a picture of it next week.  
   So transfers are in two weeks and guess what?  I am not sure, but I think that I could be getting transferred. I don't know why but I just feel like it is going to happen.
  Thank you for everything!! You are the best!!!
   Elder Davis
p.s. Can you send me my khaki pants?  :)

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