Monday, April 14, 2014


   I am doing well!  It feels good to finally feel better.  I have been super excited because I got to go down with the zone leaders to see how transfers were going to go.  (Transfers were today.)  I am staying and so is my companion!

   Rash wise, I am doing great so far.  I am off the medicine and so far the rash hasn't come back.  *Fingers crossed.*  Elder Nickel says he is not feeling well so I am writing while he rests.  I am glad that you reminded me of the vaccine that I need.  I will get on that this week.

   Question & Answer time:

1.  During the week we try to set up appointments for the week. If we don't have appointments, we fill all the time slots with people we'd like to visit the next day, during our nightly planning session, the night before.

2.  Of course I wear a bike helmet!  :)  Gotta keep my noggin safe.  :)  Yes, it does look a little dorky and I have been called names, but it is a rule as a missionary and I must obey.

3.  We try to talk to as many people as possible.  It is awkward at times to stop people on bike, but we do it anyway.

4.  We have not run into any very rude people so far.  Of course we get ignored all the time, but that's okay.  All that matters is that we tried.

5.  Being so close to the border is actually really nice because everybody speaks Spanish!  :)  Elder Nickel and I have agreed that one day for morning exercise, we are going to ride to the border and take pictures.

6.  So far, I have not really been in any scary situations.

7.  Our apartment is a little dumpy.  But it is in a good place for all the work we do.  But I am sure there is a better place somewhere.

8.  We actually get invited to eat a lot more here than in my last area.  They have served us authentic Mexican food.  I cannot really describe the food.  Let's just say that other Mexican food isn't anything compared to this down here.  :)  (Nothing against other Mexican food...mmm!)

9.  It was very hard for me to choose a story from the Book Mormon that means the most to me.  After much thought, I came to the conclusion that the story that means the most to me is the story of Ammon converting the king of the Lamanites.  This is so, because it is a testimony of what I have seen on my mission.  I have seen the gospel influence a 180 degree change in many lives.  I also love this story because of the great example of teaching that Ammon really is.  I always try to teach simply but powerfully like Ammon does.

  I wish I knew more about my ward, but all I know is that we are part of the Chula Vista stake.

  In other news...I got my own bike!  The Elder that was borrowing a bike from wanted his back so I had to give it up.  But I have my own now and it is super nice.  By using the money Granny put in my account, I was able to fix it up real nice!  All I needed was a pump and some lights.  I will send you a picture of it and all it's glory on Tuesday!  :)  It has been given the name of "The Ute" because of it's colors and you will see what I mean later.

   I have been studying the New Testament and it has been cool to learn so much about the Savior. I love it!

   I wasn't able to tell you about C**** and D**** in my email so I am going to do so now.  They are nieces of a member that we found.  We have not seen them again since our first visit.  But we have an appointment with them on Thursday so hopefully we see them.  D**** doesn't seem to be as serious as C**** though.  C**** has already recognized the spirit and how it feels.  She was also really smiley and I know she felt the truth of what we said.  Hopefully she kept the commitment to read and pray so we can move on.  :)

   I am so grateful for all you have done and continue to do for me.  I hope you enjoy your week.  I love you!
   Elder Davis

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