Friday, April 11, 2014

A STOP AT THE MISSION HOME (by Auntie Kristin)

We decided it was finally time to head out to San Diego again for a little mini-vacation for a few days.

Lately, Taylor has shared with me that he hasn't had much food and was out of money or low on funds, so before we left for San Diego, we went and did a "little" grocery shopping.  We ended up with two pretty big boxes of groceries for him which hopefully will last him a little while.  They had all kinds of things in them from cans of chunk chicken to Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna Helper, spaghetti, farfalle, mac & cheese, huge boxes of Captain Crunch and Froot Loops cereals, fruit snacks, fresh tortillas from Arizona, tuna fish, instant potatoes, noodles & sauce, rice, refried beans, spaghetti sauce, ramen, pudding, garlic salt, biscuit mix, gravy mix, ranch dressing mix and mayonnaise, stuffing mix, and some other canned items.  It was so much fun boxing everything up and knowing that he knew absolutely nothing about these boxes headed his way!

On Wednesday, April 2nd, we were off to San Diego.  The boxes were all packed and in the car.  I was so excited to drop these off!  See...excited!!
As we were driving through Gila Bend, I saw this sign.  I quickly grabbed a picture - for two reasons...1) It says "Some day is today" in Spanish, and 2) It's hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I thought it was ironic that here we were, heading out to take these boxes to our nephew who had to deal with Lymphoma and may not have been able to go on a mission, and then we see this sign.  But, I also thought about the ginormous phrase on the sign...Some day is today.  Sure, this sign was promoting donating to help find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma, but more so, I thought about how we need to stop putting off preparing for Christ's return and make that "some day" today.  I thought about how we need to stop putting off making our lives better "some day" and do it today.  I thought about how we need to start reading our scriptures today, not "some day".  I thought about how we need to start thinking about serving a seniors/couple mission today, not "some day".  I thought about how we need to start opening our mouths about the gospel today, not "some day".  It really was a thought provoking sign!

We soon crossed over into California and I was about to burst out of my seat.  We still had about 2.5 hours to go, but I was so excited to just drop off the boxes that I jokingly kept asking Clint, "Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?"  And, he just kept replying in a calm voice, "Almost" or "Just about."

The mission home is only about 3 miles from the highway we come in on so it was a quick and easy trip to drop off the boxes.  This is a picture of the entrance off the parking lot.  Over to the left, on the side, is the main entrance.

We found the mission home quickly, grabbed the boxes, and headed inside.  There were a few missionaries sitting in the kitchen eating and we asked where we could take the boxes.  We headed down the hallway and there were all these cute missionaries - sisters and elders - in the office.  One elder saw us with the boxes and asked if he could help.  We told him we were there to just drop off these boxes and he offered to take them.  I jokingly said sure...but you're going to actually give them to the right missionary and not just take them for yourself, right?!?!?  We just laughed.  He put them in a stack with a few other packages and we were on our way.  Uncle Clint peeked his head back in, jokingly hoping to see Taylor, but I told him that he wouldn't be there because it was a Wednesday and he'd be out working.  So, we headed back out to our car to head on our way.  We never mentioned Taylor's name or who we were - just that we wanted to drop off a couple boxes.

Look at all those cute little missionary cars...with the "tho' your sins be as scarlet" little red hot rod car from Arizona among them all!  Kind of ironic when you think about it, isn't it?

As we were walking back to the car, there were two missionaries that came out about 30 feet behind us.  I could hear one of them talking to the other one saying, "We'll head back to Chula and ..... blah, blah, blah...."  All it took was for me to hear "Chula" and I swung around and asked them if they were heading to Chula Vista.  One of them, Elder Fowler, said yes, and I asked if he knew Elder Davis.  He did!  I was so excited!  (Although, I'd really wanted to keep it very quiet that we were there until after we'd made it home...but, oh well.)  I shared that we'd just dropped off some boxes for him and that we were his aunt and uncle and were there on vacation.  We visited for a few minutes and Elder Fowler shared with us that he was from Orem, Utah and knew our cousin, Carl Kunz.  Small world, isn't it!?!?  Then, Elder Fowler wanted to take a picture with us so he could show Taylor.  I wish we'd had a picture taken with our camera too, so we could record the memory, but we didn't and Elder Fowler erased it after showing Taylor, so I guess this entry will just have to do.  Elder Fowler asked our names and I just told him to tell Taylor "Auntie" and he would know who it was.  Right after that, we said our goodbyes, and we were off to the land of sun and surf.

It is always a little hard knowing that Taylor is not far from us when we are there, but we never seek him out.  He is there on God's errand and that's all that matters.  We let him just keep on doing it...and that's the way he would want it too.

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