Monday, April 14, 2014


Not only am I lucky enough to be friends with one of the most incredible women in the world, I am blessed to share the missionary experience with her as well.  Her son left the day after Taylor.  (They were originally set to leave the same day and then Taylor got moved up a day.)  She has always been an example in my life.  Even more so now, as an exemplary missionary mother.  She sets the bar for the rest of us.  She always has the best ideas for packages.  Not only does she send them to her own son, but she sends holiday and special occasion packages to several other missionaries as well. I admit, I "hitchhike" off of her ideas!  I give full credit to my amazing friend for the awesome ideas for Elder Davis' Easter package.

We have these special Easter Eggs that tell the Easter Story.  We read them every Easter morning.  I made a set to send to Taylor.  Each egg has a scripture and small token that represents the scripture in it.
The picture is a little blurry.
Easter Dinner...Canned Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, Rolls/Biscuits, Jello Salad
You never know if they will have an invite or not!
 New Easter tie.
Egg Dying kit. (Requires nothing but water.)
 Elder Davis loves boiled eggs...all year round.

Easter Basket candy- the box will have to settle for a basket this year.
 One important thing I have learned from my friend...cute up the package.  
No matter how long it takes!

The outside has to be cute too!
And now it is on it's way to our favorite Elder!

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