Tuesday, April 22, 2014


   Happy Tuesday!!  I am doing fantastic today. It has been a pretty good week to say the least.  
   Happy late Easter! Boy was Easter amazing.  I had actually been studying the Life of the Savior the whole week up until Easter in the Bible and Jesus the Christ as well. My relationship with the Lord was drastically strengthened because of it I was very humbled this past week.  I love how perfectly my studies fit with Easter and how everything turned out. Easter Morning, I woke up, expressed my love and gratitude for the Savior and all he did, studied about that Easter Morning when he was resurrected, put on my fresh tie that I was sent, and went of to church. In church, we sang as part of the ward choir and had a super great sacrament meeting.  I have to say that it was a very spiritual Easter and I will never forget it. 
    Yes it was nothing like being with family but it was almost just as great. :) My relationship with the Savior has increased and grown so much in the past 9 months and I have a new appreciation for what he did for me and how much he loves me.
   Other than that, I am doing fantastic.  This week has been very great and we have seen some cool stuff this week.  V******** is no longer in our area because we split areas. But the sisters say that he is doing alright. 
   R**** did not keep her appointment but we did stop by and help her clean up a party that she had and we saw her yesterday. Plus, we have an appointment with her this Thursday. Apparently she really had grown to like me I guess because she wanted to give me a hug and she said she might have something for me on Thursday. She is super funny!  She also said that she would come to the baptism that the ward is having this week. Our zone leaders are having a baptism and she's going to come. L*** is going to come too.
   Speaking of L***, he is doing well. He is blowing my mind with how much he is progressing! He has kept all of his commitments and has come to church the past 3 weeks! He is still working on the whole coffee thing but has made great progress. He is down to 1 cup per day. That is super good because he was at 5 to 6 per day about a week ago. We had a super good lesson with him yesterday and he asked for a blessing, so of course we gave him one. He seems like he is solid and will be ready for the 3rd. *fingers crossed*  I am confident and believe that he will still be ready to baptized on the 3rd. It's gonna be sick!  We also invited a lot of investigators to the Baptism and they actually seemed like they will come. That will be cool.
  Dinner at President Hunt's house was super good. The food consisted of Ham, Potatoes, salad, rolls and jello. It was Delightful. :)  There were about 20 other missionaries there and we just talked about miracles that we had seen and got to know one another better. It was actually a pretty good day.  
   That same day we were able to help with a fundraiser to pay for a little boy's funeral that died from brain cancer. It was a very humbling experience, as I'm sure you know how we can relate. I also became good friends with the family even though they are in the zone leaders area.
   I have not made of the parts of the dinner you have sent me just yet.  But the ham was actually quite satisfying.  I do get enough meat :) I buy wisely with the money I have and let's face it.... I'm a growing boy.
   As far as money is concerned, I think that I am okay for this week. I have plenty of food and just enough money left to by what I need for the rest of the month.  I appreciate all that you do to support though! 
    As far as cookies, I am down for whatever you want to make.  :) Anything goes. But other than that I am okay.  I am kind of annoyed to say it, but eventually, I will need a shoulder bag or some kind of bag that isn't a back pack.  Because unfortunately, we got a notice in the lighthouse from President that they are phasing out backpacks. So I am just going to use mine for a while and try to find a way to save up the money buy a nice bag.
   So what I  meant about learning from other missionaries is that I have just noticed ways that I can be more obedient and more diligent by the way missionaries act. And yes, I am learning by their example of how I AM supposed to be. I have a talk called, "The Consecrated Missionary" and it has helped me a lot in my mission. You would be amazed with how much I have grown up in these short 9 months.
   The sisters in the picture I mailed you are Sister Larsen and Sister Lopez.  Sister Larsen just came out and she went to the Mexico MTC first.  Sister Lopez is from Mexico and went to Benemedito before it became the MTC. Super cool huh? 
   My medicine is actually running low. I only had a couple days left when you sent the one in the Easter package. I did not know that it was only 2 weeks worth so I apologize for not keeping you more updated in that regard and I promise to be better in the future. So yes I do need some more pretty soon.
   Pics are lame today but I am taking some today at the Temple and I will take more this week.  The first pic is of the sign that I crashed into and what it SHOULD look like, haha.  The second pic is of what the sign looks like now.... haha

   To close, I would just like to tell you that I love you and I appreciate you and all you do more than you can possibly imagine.
   Elder Davis


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