Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 Elder Davis and his very own bike!
  Elder Davis & Elder Balletyne
   Today I am doing great. I am fully recovered my illness and I the rash should be gone forever. :)

   I got a new bike because the Elder that owned the bike that I was using needed it back.  So I have my OWN bike!! 

    This week wasn't the best in seeing people because of conference and a lot of meetings and.... I kind of got in a little bike accident... on my new bike....but I can assure you not too worry.  I am perfectly fine. :) Just a cut and a couple of scrapes.  And the bike is doing great.  :)   As for the bike crash, I was riding and I blacked out for a second and hit a sign that cut me up.  I am fine.  I was dehydrated that day, but that will never happen again!!!  I actually have a picture of my bike to send to you today. :) 

   This week were able to see L*** and he is progressing very well. He even watched conference! And we have an appointment with him tomorrow and it's going to be great!  Plus, he is still looking good for his baptismal date on May 3rd.  He is keeping all of his commitments and he actually even watched conference! YES!!!!! Plus, we got more missionaries in our district! Now there are 5 companionships in our ward! WHAT!? The work is booming here in Chula and I am so excited that we are healthy this week and going to light the world on fire! 

    Plus, we got two additional sisters in our district so we divided areas and they were given the north part of our area.  This is sad because we lost half of our work. But it is more so positive, because now we can work in the part that we worked the most in. Plus our area was too much for us before now. 

   The downside is that the sisters are now teaching V********* and L***. But I think this will be good for all of us because we will be able to focus more and not have to ride from one side of the area to the other. I am so pumped!!!

   As for your questions about D***** and C*****, D***** dropped us and said that she didn't want to be any part of any religion. We tried and tried to reason with her but I guess she is just not ready. As for C****, she has not been home in forever. And yes they are sisters. 

   Now about my conference experience.... well, conference is amazing just in itself. But as a missionary, there is just a whole different mentality.  It is totally different and a completely different experience.  I don't know how to explain it, but it just makes it that much better.  I love being a servant of the Lord. I loved every second of the 10 hours of conference that we were able to watch.  How blessed we are to listen to the Prophet of God and ALL of his apostles speak to us. If I had to pick talks that stood out to me the most it would probably have to be President Erying and President Uchtdorf's talks in the Saturday session. This is so because it felt like they were directed towards me and I have trying to be better at diligence and being a better missionary.  I enjoyed it so much! Not to mention the food. Oh my goodness it was delicious!  

    I am glad to hear that you have had such spiritual experiences this week. You and your spirituality has always amazed me. I am grateful that I have always had such a shining example in my life. (You) I am ever grateful for all that you do.  

   As for the bill, I have not been able to go down to the mission office yet but I am going to call later today and talk about it. I also checked which vaccine I need and I found out that it is Hep A so I will hopefully get that taken care of as well.
   To answer a few of your questions...
I do know Elder Nielsen. That is pretty cool that his brother works with Logan!
I have always just gotten a haircut from an Elder that knows what he's doing. So it is easy and free.  :)
Between conference we studied and weekly planned.  :)

   Momma, I tried to get you all a letter sent last week but a sister missionary got hurt and things were pretty busy because of that. But it should be on it's way today. :)  Inside will be a description of my new bike! :)  I want you to know that I love you to death! I hope this email finds you calm and happy. :)

  Pops, I love you deeply and I want you to know that you were and still are the perfect Dad for me to become who I am. If it was any different, I would be different. I thank you kindly for doing all that you do. You are my hero! I love you and hope you enjoy this email.

  Elder Davis
P.S.- Can you  send me a pair of collar stays?

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