Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hi Momma!
Today I am doing alright. Sadly, I have not received any mail. I think the address that everyone has is wrong. Could you please email me what address you are sending to so I can figure it out?  That would be great.
I feel so terrible for how little a I am able to write. I wish I could write more than an hour or so a week but it is very strict down here and it kinda stinks. It is very hard not to write you a big long letter on how everything is going and how much I miss the crud out of you!! You are my best friend and it is EXTREMELY weird not being to talk to you every day! I miss you so much and feel so terrible for how short my emails are. Hopefully that will change when I get to the Mission field. But please help everyone understand how little time I have and how I have so many people to write.  It has been very hectic and I have not had hardly anytime for anything other than Spanish.
You will receive many blessings for helping me get out here and sacrificing your time with me in order for me to serve the Lord. I really am doing a great work already. I have already taught an investigator and have two new investigators to teach this week!  It is very hard to get all my thoughts out in Spanish but I have improved a lot and am working very hard to do what I can to be better!

The pictures really help. I know that the Lord is blessing me and helping me become more patient and I am learning to adapt to certain things.  
I am getting a lot of emails.  It´s very hard to keep up.  And yes of course I miss home. But I am not going to let it get in the way of my serving thee Lord!  I miss you all so much and it´s hard. I am very glad that Tyler is doing well!
I love you so much and miss you with all my heart! LOVE you to death!!!
Elder Davis

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