Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The manual Taylor received with his mission call specifically stated "Please do not send packages to the MTC."
"The Manual" 

I know that many missionaries did receive them while they were there, but Taylor asked that we obey the rules and not send them until he entered the mission field.  

T's mission president also asked that his pillow, blanket and sheets be mailed to the mission home, prior to his arrival.  Last night for family night we went shopping for items for his first and second care packages.  We had a great time picking out all kinds of things to express our love to Taylor!

Today I got to box up the first one and ship it out!  It was so exciting to be able to send a little bit of love (and home) in a box to Taylor. 
His package included his favorite blanket, a new homemade "Utah" pillowcase, and some of his favorite treats (Easy Mac, Ramen, Fiesta dip, Reese's, microwave popcorn) and some letters. It was fun to think about him opening it up on his first night in San Diego.  His older brother promised to send him a new pillow so we left that to him.
I also tucked in a thank you note, a Cd and some homemade washcloths for Pres. & Sis Clayton.
Cost to ship our 1st package to our missionary...$19.83.  The joy in doing it...priceless!

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