Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I didn't fell like I was getting nearly enough information from T so I emailed him a number of questions.


As for your questions:

1. No I have not been to the Temple unfortunately because it is closed and I probably won´t be able to go until the end of my time in the MTC.

2. Life at the MTC is a lot like school or college. You walk to and from class and the house, study all
day every day, and there is little time to do anything besides that.

3. My daily schedule is pretty much as follows: Wake up, shower, get dressed, head to class and study there with the teacher until lunch, then lunch, then gym time, then study more and teach investigators, then dinner, then more study time and learning, then we have a district review time, then we plan for the next day, then we go to the house and get ready for bed.

4. I have not received any packages so I will have to look into that.

5. I have not needed the blanket cuz it is insanely hot here. ha ha

6. I haven´t really wished for anything yet and that is very good. You did a very good job at making sure I was well packed :)

7. There is a strict "No MP3" rule here so I haven´t been able to use that and it has made it very difficult to sleep but I am doing my best to adapt.

8. My health has been surprisingly well actually. I had a flare up a bit ago but I managed to take care of it well and am doing better than ever.

9. My companion is from Detroit and he is only child. He is very caring about how I am feeling when I am not doing so well. 

10. I have only met one person that is going to my mission and he is that kid that was supposed to be on the plane with me.

11. On p-day, I do laundry, as much email as I can, take pictures, clean up, gym time, read and prepare for the next week.

12. I have had to buy some hangers, but the MTC gives us money every little while. 
Thank you for all the questions and for loving me so much! I miss you with all my heart and hope to be better at being able to write more often. It will certainly change once I get to my mission though.
Stay the amazing mother you are!!
Lots of love,
Elder Davis

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