Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A note from Auntie Kristin:

Last week, the day after I received an email from Taylor, I received an email from the National Geological Service that there had been a 6.1 earthquake just 150 miles from Mexico City.  I quickly fired off an email to Taylor to let him know I had heard about it and just wanted to make sure he was okay:

I just got an email that there was a 6.1 earthquake just 160 miles south of Mexico City.  Indicators show that it was felt there.  Did you feel it?  Did you freak out?  How bad was it?!?!  I am sure you are safe.  Just let us know though, okay?
Get ready...you'll feel them in CA too.  We were in San Diego last year and were sitting on a cliff overlooking the La Jolla tide pools when all of a sudden, the squirrels that hang out there all ran away.  We were like, huh?  I was laying on the ground taking pictures of them and felt the tiniest movement, but just thought it was me.  Well, shortly thereafter, I got an email that there had been a small earthquake there in San Diego at that very time!  It was so small that humans really didn't feel it, but the varmints did!

I knew he probably wouldn't even get to see the email for another week or so, based on the timing, but I wanted to know either way.  Plus, I was pretty sure my sister would freak out if she heard about the earthquake being so close to him, so I chose to keep that tidbit of info quiet until I heard from him.  Well, today, I heard back from him and this is what he had to say:

I actually did not feel any earthquake at all. (sadly) haha.  But they take very good care of us here so I am totally safe. Thanks for the notification though. They have really good earthquake technology here so we have been evacuated to the streets a couple times but we have not had an earthquake yet.   Wow that is a cool experience with the earthquake! 
The countdown to San Diego is now less than a week!! I am SOOOO excited and cannot wait to get out there!  My Spanish is actually not bad now. I am no fluent speaker yet but I can do well in a conversation I think. (Estoy listo para hablar espaƱol todos las dias y predicad el Evangelio todos los dias tambien) :)

So glad he was, and has been, safe.  Mexico City is well known for very powerful earthquakes so they do have good earthquake warning systems.  California...now that is another story...they have tons of earthquakes there - but it doesn't seem like they have good warning systems at all.  I'm sure he will be safe though...and get that opportunity to experience at least one while he's there!

Oh...and I finally told his mom.

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