Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I can´t believe it has been a whole month either. I leave in about 2 weeks and I am super excited. The language is coming along pretty well actually.

I can´t think of anything that I need at the moment. A mini english hymn book would be nice though.

I haven´t sent pictures yet because I have forgot my camera every p-day.  The reason I write so little is because I have so many people to write and I can´t be in front of the computer all day. It´s against the rules here and it seems like I am the only one obeying them.

You know me, I am a man of few words. I just don´t have a lot to say a lot of the time. That will change and will be better once I get to Cali and can write actual letters and have more time to do so. 

TRC is just a thing where we go to a "house" and knock on a door and "teach" an investigator. It was very cool but hard because I taught the whole time and my companion didn´t say a word.  I know that this is just the Lord blessing me and making me stronger. I really have gained a lot of patience and have learned a lot from this.
The food is good or great and times but it is getting a little old. We did have chicken cordon bleu though last week and it was fantastic.
This week has not been very different. Except I extended an invitation to be baptized to one of our investigators and she said YES! It was so cool and made me feel like I was doing something really cool. I am getting so much better at teaching the gospel and in Spanish to boot! I love the work and it is great. Granted it can be very difficult at times but I know that it will be worth it.

I just want you to know that I am so glad that I get to email you today. It has been a hard week and I really have been looking forward to it. I also want to thank you for the man you have molded me into. I know that without your awesome example, I could not make it out here and go through all that I have been through. Without you and your example, I would be nothing and I would not be able to have the success that I have and continue to have.
Here are some pictures :)
Elder Davis
 His first trip to the Mexico temple.
 T's district
 T and his companion, Elder Wareham.
T's "house"

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