Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I sent two emails to T this week.  We had no idea when his pday would be so we just had to wait and see when we heard from him. 
Email #1
Dear Mom,
Yeah I miss you a great deal too and that phone idea was a great idea by the way. It really is weird not waking up and seeing you every day. But that´s awesome about facebook and Afton Perry. If possible, please tell everyone how grateful I am for them doing that for me. It meant a lot to me and it was awesome. (Referring to the neighborhood send off.)
The MTC is very nice. Outside of the MTC, it is a totally different world! But the people here are so nice and caring and it´s nice to know that we are living in a good part of Mexico. My room is basically like the room of a cabin and my companion is a little different but we get along pretty well. I also have been trying to take a lot of pictures but the President only wants us to take pictures on P-day.
I am thinking of you as well and love you just as much!!!
Lots of love!
Oh and please let everyone know that I can´t send any hand written mail so all my responses will be by email. Thank you
Email #2:
I am sorry that this email will be so short but I don´t have a lot of time to write right now but I will do better when I have time. Good luck with everything!

Things are great down here!! I like my roommates the most! We are all so easy to get along with and we have had some great laughs and what not. What I like the least is how poopy my Spanish is. The food is sooo goood! It´s real Mexican food and I love it! My P-day is on Tuesday and it is the only day that I can email unfortunately and I have very limited time. 
I love you more than anything! Thanks for all the prayers. There are some coming your way too.
Love you!!
Elder Davis

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