Sunday, July 14, 2013


In all the preparation for T's departure he has had little opinion on almost everything. However, he did have an opinion on one thing. He wanted today to be a "Celebration." And that it was!

Deacon, McKenna, Kelly, Chris

Quinn, Nichole and Auntie Kristin

We literally had hundreds of cookies. 

Cookies, Salads and Rolls. Yummy, Yummy!
Family and Friends
Fun drinks
Denise Jennifer, Cole, Deacon & Chris
Sad Granny!
The proud grandparents.
 The father and the missionary.
A little brotherly love.
The three amigos.
Brother Bartholomew, a.k.a Leon
Nurse Jessica and her two children. 
Jessica was T's nurse at his very first cancer appointment.  She always went above and beyond for him!  (Even bringing T's medications that the hospital had messed up on, to our house.)  We love this woman and are forever in her debt! 
Tyler & Allison
"Uncle" Hyrum
Drove all the way from Denver, Colorado to be with us today. 
Sam, Dan, Jenny, Jonah & Gracie
Aunt LeeLee & Attysen
Came all the way from Twin Falls, Idaho to be with us! 
Brooklyn, Ryker, Denise and Raider
Also drove from Twin to be with us.
Nichole & Quinn
Britta, Sydney & Jeff
Auntie Kristin & Uncle Clint
Traveled here for the second time this month (for Taylor.)
Unce Rodney & Marci
Drove up from St. George this morning.
Logan & Michelle
Jefferson, Kristina & Aaron
Gracie, Jen, Ben, Ryan & Leah
Uncle Gary, Carl & Aunt Katherine
Dylan, Noah, Breanna, Aunt Angie, Uncle Kurt & Holly 
Colton & Shannon
Meagan, Kim, Savannah, Connor & Roger
Valerie, Angelita & Abby
Zac, Ryan & Jake
We had exactly six balloons at the end of the day.  The perfect amount for our family.  We each let on go and sent up a message to Nana.

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