Monday, July 22, 2013


We spent as much time together as family today as we possibly could. One last trip to the store for a few last minute items. Which so happened to include about 5 lbs. of candy and a throw away phone!
T is all packed and ready to go.  Each of his suitcases are only about two-thirds of the way full and well under the weight limit.  Truly, what do you put in a carry on when you can't read, watch video or listen to music?  Answer for T...thousands of dollars of medication and your scriptures. 

T is going to have the best stocked first aid kit in the entire MTC!
Gotta mark your bags so they are easily recognizable. How do you do that? San Francisco 49ers ribbon of course. :)  
Sis. Cannon ( had offered to take one last family portrait for us. It turned out tonight was the only night that worked. She did an AMAZING job and we will forever be grateful for this wonderful family memory!

After pictures we had dinner at Sizzler.  Taylor's choice for his last dinner before entering the MTC. 
T had lots and lots of friends stop by tonight to say goodbye. One of the hardest goodbye's was between he and his cousin, Christine.  They have been good buddies since they were tiny.
At about midnight its was just our family.  T gave me a blessing and his father gave him one and then we all headed off to bed.

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