Tuesday, July 23, 2013


When we left the airport I was broken.  I didn't know how I was ever going to survive the next two years without T.  Being the overprotective Mom that I am I had a brilliant idea a few days ago.  I purchased a cheap go-phone so T could call and let us know when he had arrived in Dallas and also when he arrived in Mexico.  Best idea EVER! 

When he called from Dallas he said he had a great flight, was hurrying to the next gate with several other missionaries, and was going to grab some lunch before he boarded his next flight to Mexico.  It was one of the best phone calls EVER!  He sounded so happy!  That was just what I needed to make this all ok.

My cousin, Logan had also hooked me up with a website which tracks flights so I was able to follow T's flight minute by minute and see where he was, when he arrived at the gate, when he deboarded.  I spent the afternoon glued to my computer.  Updating the fight tracking site every so often.  It brought me such great peace to know where T was. 
Shortly after deboarding in Mexico I received this text "I made it. I LOVE YOU!" I tried calling him, but never got an answer. I figured he had made it to the MTC and thrown the phone away and I was okay with that.

Later that evening I got this text, "Thanks momma. It is going great. Check your email and have pops check his gmail. Love you so much!" I text back and asked if he was now at the MTC and he responded he was. Then I got this text, "I actually should probably not use this anymore. Just emails for now on ok? I love you!" And that was it. My boy had arrived at the Mexico MTC!

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