Friday, July 12, 2013


Written by Auntie Kristin:

Today T and I went to the Draper temple to do sealings for some of Uncle Clint's family.  T picked me up at my hotel and we were off.  We headed up the freeway toward Draper and it wasn't until we hit the Point of the Mountain that we turned to each other and laughed because neither of us knew how to actually get to the Draper temple!  We knew the general vicinity - you can't miss it - it's high on the mountainside.  But, neither of us knew which road to turn on to actually get there.  So, we winged it.  We just headed upward along the side of the mountain and eventually we saw a sign that pointed where to turn to get to the temple.

It's funny how things like this make us think about other things.  This situation made me think about how we often wander in life, lost, looking for something.  We may know what it is that we are looking for, we may not.  But we wander.  Then, when we see what we are looking for, we aim for it.  We may not always take the right path, we may go down a lot of different streets looking for it.  But, eventually, there is a sign that points us in the right direction.  Our journey back to our Father in Heaven is often like this.

As we drove higher and higher on the road today, it made me think of my own spiritual journey in life and how I have climbed higher and higher, how I have taken so many different paths before I found the right one, and how I know now that this path IS the right one.  As we reached the temple, I looked at the view out across the entire Salt Lake valley.  It was gorgeous.  I felt so much peace there and I felt at peace in my life.  Below us was a city that was hustling and bustling and so many people on so many paths.  Yet, here, on the temple grounds, it was peaceful and serene.  Calm.  Right.

As we began to walk from the parking lot to the entrance, T realized he'd forgotten his temple recommend.  He was upset because he thought we'd need to drive all the way home to get it and felt he'd wasted our time together.  I let him know it was okay and we'd go inside and see what they could do to help us out.  T and I went inside the temple doors and once again, we felt the wonderful peace that comes in the temple.  After waiting about 15 minutes, he was cleared and we were able to go about our purpose for being there that day - to have an entire family of my husband's ancestors sealed together as a family for eternity.  It was an incredible day spent in the house of the Lord with my nephew.  It was peaceful.  It was spiritual.  It was calm.  It was special.  I loved every minute of it.  As we were waiting to pick up the family name cards, T and I sat and talked about the experience.  It was such a great bonding time between us - one I will never forget.

We headed out to go home and there were a ton of people waiting outside for a bride and groom to come out, so we didn't really get a chance to grab a picture of us together, but I did snap these two quick pictures of the temple and the beautiful flowers on the grounds.  They will always remind me of the special day I shared with T.

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