Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Elder Davis & President Schmitt
   I am glad that me having a year under my belt makes all of you all so happy. I have been reflecting a lot lately and I have changed a ton in the last year.  I look back at the person I was at the beginning and can't believe how much the Lord has changed me. 
   Well this week was a pretty good week for me. Guess what!?!?!? I found my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Turns out I wasn't irresponsible.  You'll never guess where it was..... Yep! In my backpack!! The whole freaking time! Except to this moment I have no idea how that was even possible! I emptied it 3 times!!!! I am super happy that I found it! :) I was kind of upset at first when I realized that I had it the entire time. But yes, I know it was an answer to so many people's prayers and I thank everyone that had a part in that. :)  I am super glad that I found it and can use it again. You will be getting more pictures this week in the letter that I send home.  
   My "hump day" was pretty good. It wasn't much different than any other day. Elder Karlinsey texted me to say congrats and we had district lunch, but that was about it. I didn't feel the need to burn a shirt or anything either. But I did get your package and I loved it!!! I am still enjoying all the goodies and I think the camel idea was really cool. You are super crafty and smart as to coming up with things like that!!   You are super cool with the things you do. I know you probably feel like I don't appreciate all the little things you do, but I do. I am SUPER lucky to get a package every month and have a mother that loves and cares for me so much.
    My interview went well with the new Pres. He didn't have much to say. Just that he wanted to know a little about me and that he wanted to know how long I had been out, how long I've been in my area and all that jazz. Nothing too big or exciting.  I basically just told him how I used to not be able to talk to people very easily or study, hardly at all. But now, because of my mission, I can do both those things. :) The Lord has changed me so much in the last year.  But it is comforting to know that I am still the same person and have the same personality. :)  
   About the scans, I do not have to have 6 month scans anymore. :) Now it is every year. :) It is crazy that in September I will have been 3 years free of cancer. Dang have I learned way too much in the last 3 years to even comprehend.  It blows my mind. I am going to be 20 in a little over a month! So long teenage years!
   We had a hard time seeing everyone this week but we were able to see Josh and tonight will be the do or die lesson with him.  If he doesn't read or anything then he will have to lose his date. It's scheduled for this Saturday so keep your fingers crossed. He came to church and he seemed really happy so we'll see how it goes. :) I think he just might be ready.
  Proselyting is going well.  Not too many updates to report actually.  Francisco is still progressing and he said that he might even want to start seeing us 2 times a week so that is super sick! We actually saw Pam last night and she was pretty happy that we came by. She has been reading and praying like we committed her to do and she asked us to come back tomorrow! So that's pretty good. 
 Not much to report on all the others.  Hopefully everything will line up this week. :)
    Everything is fine with me.  I don't have anything to complain about or anything right now. I am super excited for P day and for transfers to see what is coming up.  Transfer calls are actually next Tuesday. Scary huh? It will be interesting to see what happens but I am not too worried about anything.  Like you, I am not sure what I would like to happen.  I am looking forward to whatever it is though. :)
   Elder Karlinsey goes home this transfer!! Super crazy. I am going to miss him a ton. He has become one of my best friends.
   Pops. something I've had to do is instead of praying to be better at recognizing promptings, I have prayed for me to have opportunities in which I can serve others and feel the spirit.  It actually helps me out quite a bit.  At the beginning of my mission I would always pray that I would be better at street contacting but Heavenly Father is never going to just change us instantly. He gives us opportunities in which we can learn, grow and develop those attributes. So, I know that as you fast and you look for those opportunities, God will bless you with them and it will be up to you to act on them and "Just Do It".  That has become the theme of my mission and it has never failed me.  
   As active members of the church, our instincts and thoughts become more like spiritual promptings because of how familiar we are with doing good things.  So sometimes we may think it is just our own thoughts wanting us to do something but it is actually a prompting from the spirit. That is where my "Just Do It" comes from.  If we have the thought or idea to do something good for someone, Just Do It. The worst that could happen probably doesn't even matter because we did something good. 
   I love you Pops and your example amazes me every week. Your hunger for the spirit blows me away and I love that. I hope my blabbing can help you in some way. I also hope you enjoy this email and feel my love. Oh and that you have a good week!

   I hope this email and week finds you healthy and happy!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis



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