Tuesday, August 5, 2014


   So guess what!? I survived yet another transfer call. So did Elder Sherman! He and I are staying!  Yeah it's pretty weird that we're still together, but it feels right.  At the end of this transfer, we will have been companions for 7 months, almost a 4th of our missions.  I actually okay with it too because I have really grown to like Elder Sherman and we work well together.  If I can last 5 months, why not 7?  It will be another good 6 weeks.  Maybe even better than before. 

   There are only two changes that are happening in our district.  One missionary went home and the other is getting transferred tomorrow. So that means that there will only be 2 new missionaries in our district. So I will wait to tell you about who they are and what not, but I can tell that there is me, Elder Sherman, Elder King, Elder Moreno, Sister Aquino, Sister Fairbourn, Sister Sanchez and Sister Kolman (she went home today.) Sister Fairbourn is the one that is getting transferred tomorrow.

   Elder King and Elder Moreno are like my two best friends right now.  They are the 2 studs in that pic that I sent home. Sorry there weren't very many pictures. My camera was gone for a while. But I have it back now and I promise to be better at taking pictures. :) 

   My secret letter was the lettter to the family that was tucked in Colton's envelope. Nothing too special.

   About the bag, I am good with the one you sent pictures of or you can keep sending options. I just want something that will last a year and won't ruin my shirts.
  It sounds like you have had quite the week! I am very glad to hear that you are doing alright and that nothing is broken.  You need to stop falling! But I am glad that you are alright.
   I am also glad that Christine is spending a lot of time with you as well. You all seem like you are just living it up without me. 
   It is truly crazy that my teenage years almost over. I will be 20 in less than a month! I am blown away at how fast my time as a missionary has gone by and I know that it will only go faster from here. I just hope I can become the man/member that God wants me to be in that time.
   So things went alright this week. We actually didn't see hardly any of our investigators for some reason. Except for Francisco, we saw him and he is super anxious to know if one of us is getting transferred or not. It will be super cool to see him though. I kind of feel like he is one of the reasons why Elder Sherman and I are still here. I feel like we might be his missionaries, if you know what I mean. He has just progressed so much and we have seen a change in him.  He's such a beast. 
   Even though we didn't see any of our investigators, we did see a lot of our less actives and members. :) Guess who came to church this week!?  The Rodriguez family!! They are the super old family that  I told you about a couple weeks ago.  Josh wasn't able to come to church because he was with his mom and out of town.  But he says he's coming this week and we have an appt with him tonight. :) He told us he wasn't exactly ready to be baptized but he still wants to learn and try to get his answers so we'll see how it all goes. He'll get there someday.
   My best spiritual expereince that I can think about this week so far is the following:  So lately as a district leader I have been feeling that we need to sit together and talk about our areas. So we did and we have come to an agreement that the area needs to change. Before the meeting, I prayed for several weeks as to what the change should be and I kept getting the same answer. So during the meeting, I was kinda scared because things were way different than my feeling at first but it was super cool because at the end, we arrived to the conclusion together of how the areas would change. Well guess what that conclusion was? It was the exact same thing that I had felt the whole time.  So that was super cool! The church is true. We will see if President agrees with the changes. And fortunately almost all of our investigators will still be in our area so don't worry about that. :)  And I think that might help with Cindy because she does like the sisters a lot more than us. So who knows.
  As of right now I can't think of anything that I really need. But I did remember that I forgot to answer one of your questions...If were to have a big supply of something, it would probably have to be cookies or oreos (homemade or storebought) or something like that. That's all that I can think of right now. 
  I got's to go now, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Elder Taylor C. Davis 

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